Friday, September 24, 2010


Happy Birthday to one of the most special ladies in the blog world.  I probably would not blog today if I had not read her blog for a year or so before I began.  She has become a dear friend and I am looking forward to the day we meet in person.  She is kind, she is sincere and she is an encourager….She is a listening ear when you have a problem.  Her blog always makes me smile. She has the cutest husband and I am pretty sure he is CRAZY in love with her.   She is a survivor, she makes me tired from her biking and tennis and she describes food in a way I feel like I have dined with her.  She is beautiful inside and out….She lives life to the fullest…and I am so blessed to call her friend.  If for some reason you do not read her blog, Just a Beachkat, be sure and stop by and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Once you are there, you will go back again and again.

 If you are here from Friendly Friday,
be sure and read the post below
It’s just for you! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I got an email last week telling me I was going to be featured on FRIENDLY  FRIDAY! Since this will be the first time visit for some of you, I thought I better give you a quick look…I am a Wife of 38 years to the same MAN, a Mom to Greg and Amanda, Mother-in-Law to Dana and Micah and GRAMMY to  Parker, Jack, Grayson and Austin…I am also a Christmas Decorator of twenty years, a lover of football, a lover of Disney. This blog began as a way to  document our lives..and it has turned into one of the most fun things I have ever done.  I have met the nicest people, and I even met one recently…I  look forward to reading their stories everyday.  The fact is EVERYONE HAS A STORY. 
Then on a whim I decided that people were so intrigued by my occupation that this might be a great venue to PAY IT FORWARD. holiday tree
I started the holiday blog, and there is certainly a story that goes along with the BLOG NAME.  You can read that story here and here..I am in  the process of getting a new design on the holiday blog…so be watching for that soon. This blog is really to give you tips, share pictures of the trees and homes we decorate and I give lots of prizes.  I am always willing to answer any questions you have or help you solve tree decorating problems. 
If you read this blog, you will know my passion in life is “the little's”!   I do not take for granted that all four of my grandchildren live within 30 minutes of me and two live 5 minutes away.  Some of my most read posts are here, here and here. Once I started looking back at the posts, there were many sweet memories that even I enjoyed reading again.  I am so glad that I documented them. 
If you are new you are always welcome here.  One day you may get football, one day you may get traveling, and one day may be loaded with prayer requests. I am so glad that you stopped by.   I AM SO THANKFUL for ALL MY BLOG BUDDIES.  You ENRICH my LIFE.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Opps, I have been so bogged down in Christmas stuff, that I forgot to post the book winners…The winner of the Fall Book is
 and Shirley at SHIRLEY C’S
  is the winner of Sandi Patty's book.  Be sure and stop by and visit their blogs.
This has been the week of the crud.  I am on a Zpak and hope to knock mine out before getting really sick.
I have a weekend of little's.  Amanda and Micah are getting a rare three day trip to Baton Rouge to the LSU game. 
I still do not have the FALL wreath made..All the stuff is right where it was when I posted last…just waiting to be put on a grapevine wreath.  And the sad thing is it would take me less than 30 minutes to put it together..
THAT is CALLED PROCRASTINATION.  And I am not sure it is listed in any book, but I think procrastination should be listed as a symptom of menopause, AKA, the inability to stay focused.  All I know is this is not something I had before.  In days past I could make a “to do” list and mark off everything on the list, normally that day…THOSE days are gone. 
for example, four people have won ornaments and I  probably have 2,000 new ornaments in my house and in my shop…I even have the labels ready to mail them…It is the packing them that I have not gotten done. IF you were a winner, they are coming.  I may have already shared this on the blog, and am too lazy to go back and look, but we keep all the HOLDAY stuff at a storage building close to our house.  So I ask Jack to bring 20 boxes at a time…I am talking these are heavy LARGE storage boxes…the first twenty All loaded into my shop…and guess what ?  They were all labeled Teresa’s Trees.  UGH….He thought I had labeled all the boxes that to keep them from getting mixed in with winter clothes (which we may never need). These boxes were all my personal stuff…my prized ornaments.    So I unpacked them and if I had a tree up, I would have just decorated it, Instead all of that is stuffed under beds.  So now we are down to 5 boxes out 100 plus…and you cannot walk in my shop.
This is turning into my normal random post.  It is because my mind wonders so randomly…In 60 seconds, I can be thinking about a particular tree, a friend that has been out of work for months, to the kitchen floor needing to be mopped. 
I did want to tell you about a good friends Etsy shop.  Kelly is the daughter-in-law of one of my long time friends and so ARTSY herself. 
Her shop is
I will be back the end of the week, with some cute pictures of my weekend with little men.  My favorite kind of weekend.  Woody now has a Buzz outfit, compliments of Grammy, so not sure who you will see.  He changes often. 
This has not started out as the kind of football season I was hoping for.  If any of you think you would make a good receiver and would be willing to relocate to Minnesota, catch passes from a really cute guy, I think it might be worth looking into.  Its a high paying job and at this point you could probably name your price. And height would be a PLUS. 
A new look is coming to the Holiday Blog soon.