Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is my second year to attend the Ultimate Blog Party

I LOVE IT and love meeting new friends….it is not too late for you to join in.  This year I am giving one of my famous CARD BOXES and to make it more FUN, I am going to give another one away to a lucky visitor on either of my blogs.
All you have to do is leave a comment.  I promise I will try and visit every blog…
My name is Teresa. I am a wife of 37 years to Jack, a Mom to Greg and Amanda, a Mother-in LOVE to Micah and Dana, and best of all a GRAMMY to Parker, Jack, Austin and Grayson. If you like family stories this blog might be for you.  I try and document everything, as we do this thing called LIFE together.
I have been a  business owner for 20 years. I own a gift basket business and a Christmas/Holiday decorating service.  I am known as the “tree lady”!  I have another blog that details this with pictures…
a Baby
the title taken from our life story and from the wonderful song that Faith Hill sings.
I have blogged for 2 years, If you had told me two years ago that I would have written 375 posts and have 1400 followers, I would have said you must have me mixed up with someone else.  I thought my first post would be my last….I have met the nicest people ever.  We had a medical crisis in our family this past year and bloggers came out of the wood work to see if I was OK.  Calls, texts, comments…totally blew me away. 
I love little’s (especially mine), ALL THINGS DISNEY…(I am a good friend of THE MOUSE), coffee, football, American Idol, massages, travel with all the family.  I love a good book, love to sleep late, love diet coke, love Christmas, Tim McGraw, Brett Favre (sorry), mystic tans, great hotels and great sheets,my Keurig, TiVo (how did we ever live with out it), magazines, Beth Moore Bible studies, hot baths, rainy days, pajama days (today was one),the smell of lavender, fresh flowers, a good movie.  SO SURELY we have something in common.
These are they people I party with the MOST…..Sweet Buds
Austin and Grayson
amanda and Jack
So happy that you stopped by.  Please come back often.  Besides some funny stories, I have lots of giveaways. I love to GIVE. Hope you will stop by my holiday blog.  For the next month on my holiday blog, I am going to put the spotlight on other blogs.  If you would like yours featured, leave me a note in the comments. 
Have fun at the party!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am bursting with pride tonight, so please indulge me. I went out to get the mail today. I had a huge amount for a Monday, but peeking out was a letter that looked VERY official and important.  It had the Congressional Seal on it. 
It was addressed to the Mother of Parker Powell…but heck I could not wait to see what it contained.  (Sorry Amanda, inquiring minds have to know)
What I found was a letter informing Parker that he been nominated and selected to attend the
Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington D C this summer. 
A very prestigious honor for an eleven  year old.  I am so excited for him. 
With tears pouring down my face, I was thinking…This is the Baby That Changed Everything.  You can read his story here and here and lots of other places on my blog.  This boy rocked our world.  Not one day in my life stands out more than May 27, 1999
I am not sure who I am most proud of Parker or his Mom. She was a single Mom for the first 8 years of his life. 
She did her job well.  Parker was her first priority at all times.
I remember our pastor and good friend dedicating him and he said
“Parker will be a WORLD CHANGER”
I think he was right. 

Random Monday

I loved your responses on this post.  I hope I did not scare anyone away with the political question.  I am not really into politics, just thought the premise that the Donald might run for office was interesting.  This week I will be joining the
 Ultimate blog Party
Hope you will stop by…I will be giving away a card box and then I will have another FUN giveaway here.
Today was a fun day.  I met a local blogger (not in person but hope to).  I ended up reading her entire blog.. Her name is Megan at  Mackey Madness.  Cute, cute blog…stop in and visit her.

Grayson Sunday
    Grayson getting his LAUGH on today

Jack getting in TROUBLE…drug that Lion from his room to the KITCHEN while Amanda was doing her HAIR….His Response was, “I NEEDED A POP TART”

Parker IS camping for a few days. ….I am already wanting him home.  Austin got a new puppy today. 

This has been a weekend of Sat and Sun both being PAJAMA DAYs.  The pollen has given me a major headache, so staying in was all I wanted to do.. really I wanted to mark things off my long “To DO” list.  That did not happen, instead we watched three movies .
Please pray for my blog friend Paige from Paige’s Petals! SHE needs prayer for her entire family. Easterlings
She is such a gifted writer and is walking a hard road.  Her husband is in his second bout with cancer, this time pancreatic.  They are a beautiful family and my heart breaks for them.  Please stop by and leave a some encouraging words.

I also am asking you to pray tonight for sweet Ashley.  They are at a very critical time, AGAIN and are so  in need of your prayers. I know that Trish and Dave covet every prayer and every word of encouragement.  Ashley 2
This is Spring Break week and we did not plan a big trip, but hope to take the boys somewhere later this week.  
This week will mark six months since Jack'stroke!  If you remember nothing else today, remember that live can change in a split second.

I will be back on the first with The Ultimate Blog Party post and more giveaways….my favorite thing to do. If you look closely on my blog I am getting very close to a huge MARKER….really an UNBELIEVABLE ONE…and that will call for a prize too,
Have a great week…