Sunday, January 1, 2012


I am so ready for a new year, a clean slate.    2011 was a year I am ready to put behind me. 

I did not do 2011 very well.  Anxiety from Jacks health in late 2010 really hit me this year and it  was just one of the places I failed. 

I was not a great mom, friend, or anything else for that matter.  There were more “What If’s” , “How will we?”, and “Help” than in any year I can remember.

I hung on to some things too tight and let go of some important things too easily.  To be honest I probably should have seen a counselor.  Oops, did I say that?

I had no patience, little grace, no discipline (especially in the exercise area), almost no motivation to do anything.  I may have even had a touch of post traumatic stress (stroke) syndrome, though that even sounds a little dramatic. 

Whatever it was, I want a different 2012.
I want to love more, cover people in buckets of grace (especially my kids), worry less, control less, seize the moment, trust more, walk more, eat less and better, lunch more, give more, want less, and most of all be MORE GREATFUL for EVERY MOMENT and live in it.  Will I do all that perfect? no

They are just goals and now they are on paper.

If you don’t like pictures, stop Here…..But here’s to Counting my Blessings and being Grateful on this first day of January. 

gray and pop

New YEars

new years 5

New Years 2

news years 8
Greg and his boys

Grasyon halloween  2011

Grammy and Parker

new years 13

parker and hois mom

I am so thankful for all my blog buddies.  You make my life richer. Happy New Year!

(part of my problem is I have gone an  entire year without seeing THE MOUSE!)