Wednesday, June 13, 2012


You have made me feel so loved.  I have received so many emails wondering if I have quit blogging...NO!!!  Just a break!!!!

I just needed to be quiet. Over and over I have tried to string some words together and N.O.T.H.I.N.G., so I knew it was not quite time to come back...

and a very wise Nezzy cautioned me not to come back before I was ready. I am so glad that she did. 

SO in the next week OR so I will be back with at least the short version of my absence. I am fine.
It is so nice to be missed. 

I have all my prizes sent out...I did not post about them, just sent them...

I happen to have 2 new copies of Kelle Hamptons new book BLOOM!  It is amazing.  They are in mailers ready to mail!

I just need two winners....All you have to do is leave a comment saying you have wanted the book and tell one other blogger about the giveaway. 

Jack and Parker will be here the next 5 days and each of the boys can draw on Sunday which is Father's Day.  Those two boys are blessed with a great
Dad, a GREAT POP, a great, great grandfather, and an unbelievable UNC. 

Amanda and her family just came home yesterday from a short cruise with Micah's grandparents.  They got some amazing pictures....

Love this Picture

They spent a day in New Orleans before they boarded

                                             JUST JACK


Many of you have asked about Crew,  He is sick again with a virus , an ear infection and something else.  But with him anything is serious.  So they need your prayers. 

Here is a recent picture where they met all the cousins at the beach.