Saturday, December 18, 2010


Just a short post as I have two little guys that would like me to watch a movie with them.  We are in a hotel in DALLAS.  Eleven weeks ago tonight we were at Baylor Hospital here, where Jack had been life flighted to after suffering a stroke.  He was critical.  Probably more critical than even I  realized  at the time. Early on Sunday morning we went to a hotel only to be called right  back to the hospital because his heart rate was dropping.  He spent the next six weeks in the hospital.  TODAY, eleven weeks later he drove to Dallas, through tons of holiday traffic, several shopping stops, and we arrived at the hotel at 9!  A full day with the boys on a grandparent trip. Tomorrow we are going to the Gaylord Texas to see Ice.
I remember that night, 11 weeks ago,  wondering if we would ever take another trip with the little's.  And many days since then I have wondered that again.  Jack still has some areas to strengthen, his left hand and shoulder so we are not 100% yet. He has lost 40 pounds and he is a little weak,  BUT, he can drive, he can walk with no limp (when we moved him back to a Shreveport hospital 10 weeks ago he could not walk at all) he can hold little boys hands, he can change diapers, he can take the kids down to breakfast, he can speak with no hint of a stroke, he can take the boys to school again,  he can remember streets and how to get anywhere.  I would say he is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.  If you need one, I am hoping the same for you.
Micah and Amanda are meeting us in Dallas tomorrow for a couple of days of fun, but tonight was the company Christmas party….She just sent me this picture…a little blurry, but I would say she looks gorgeous tonight.
amanda and m par
Have a great week.  How can Christmas be a week away?  I am thinking about an IPAD.  If you have one, tell me how much you love it OR not. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


I am posting rather quickly, so you may want to go back and read the last post.
Last night I had the honor of having my little Jack all to myself…for 24 hours…and we had so much fun.  Pop went to bed early.  His hand is extra swollen and  I think he has over compensated with his right leg which is his old football knee and now its bothering him…so he turned in early.  Jack and I  stayed up until 1 AM, just playing with all the musical Christmas animals, (only grandparents can stand these)  hanging more ornaments, and naming all the old ones…He also helped me tweak the mantle…I decided to LOAD it with sparkling ornaments…I would have a few hundred ornaments left over..and he loved choosing his favorites..We had candles burning, Christmas music playing!  A sweet, sweet night.   Parker was at a sleep over so it was just Jack getting ALL the ATTENTION.  Then the doorbell rang early this morning and SANTA had dropped off a gift Grammy and Pop had ordered and it had Jack’s name on it….and this boy got excited.  I will save that picture for last…Life does not get better than this….Christmas magic through the eyes of a little boy.


BEGINNING THE GARLAND….now it’s twice this full.
We wish you PEACE!
Jack in Buzz Bed               A NEW BUZZ BED
Boys in BuzzTWO BROTHER SHARING a SWEET MOMENT and then came a call from JACK….”Grammy, this bed is AWESOME”!  I WUV IT!

And that’s Christmas….a child’s smile.  I am sitting alone in my family room, all the lights out except for the trees. I can sit on the couch and see five trees, in three rooms,  a mantle and a table filled with trees and Mickey's…the fireplace is going, I have a hot cup of tea, Christmas carols are playing on a little CD player hidden under a tree skirt. (Have I told you I collect holiday CD’s…I think I have over 200…so its hard to choose a favorite..and I am going to type my to do list for tomorrow..and get to bed early…well early for me.  We had a wonderful day…Greg came by with Austin, (Grayson is sick) then Micah cooked all day and made the MOST awesome crawfish bisque and a special bread that I loved.  Amanda made a special dessert..We played cards and watched some football.  We know that playing cards is a great fine motor skill exercise for Jack so we try and play often.. We talked about how fun our upcoming trip is going to be…A very special family night..
I am hoping for a no stress week and I wish it for you too!