Sunday, February 20, 2011


Some days you have NOTHING but random.  At least nothing that would not be a downer to share and seem so small  compared to what so many are going through. There are hurting people everywhere, many in the blog community.  I can get overwhelmed with those stories in a heartbeat. 
This has been a week with some bumps in the road, some hurts that really  hurt, I am down in my back and have an aching shoulder from tripping over a thousand covers the little's had on the floor watching movies which I automatically tried to catch myself and caused a giant
flare-up with my chronic bad shoulder…I went the entire tree season and had almost no problems and then to take a fall in my own family room…Irritating plus keeps me from getting back to walking regularly.    Plus I have some major decisions just about life in general that I need to make soon. 
Jack has had some medicine problems that we are trying to get straight which has caused him to have a very low pulse and be lethargic.  (that’s a word that no one would use to describe him).  So that has meant doctors appointments and more this week.  I think it’s a minor problem, but still one we need to stay on top of. 
Add to all that I am not sleeping….I mean not even sleeping with a sleeping pill….just some form of a menopause problem and is so frustrating to me….so all this sounds like whining. 
I do need some help.  I had said I was not going to do this, but I have been approached about advertising on my blog….GIVE  ME SOME FEEDBACK, pros and cons.
If you would prefer to email me, ( or even if you don’t advertise and know some one that does, send me to the blogs that you think might be able to help me. 
Thanks for all the sweet words about my blog anniversary….
If you are going to Beth Moore's living proof in April, would you let me know?
I am trying to decide what to do on my holiday blog during this time of the year…I hate just leaving it empty. 
For those of you that won Pioneer Woman's LOVE STORY… should be getting it any day….Set aside some reading time…
So this may have been my worst post ever…just trying to keep it real….Some days, weeks and even months are just a season of “STUFF”! I promise to try and come back with sunshine soon. 
a couple of cute pictures of Grayson tonight.
  Grayson and supper
Looks like the food WON Grayson bath
The winner of the cards is…….and remember this is my BEST giveaway……is

Nama Halacy's Comfy Cottage....This is a new blog to me so stop by and check it out….

Have a good week……