Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had another post in mind for my 100th post! How did that happen so fast? Instead I really feel like there is someone out there in blogland that needs to hear a MIRACLE STORY! This is the season of miracles.
So my post will wait but I want to share one of my elves stories with you...but I want you to read it in her own words! I have known Elizabeth for years..She is the same age as my kids and we shared the same church for many years. But this year, working side by side with her...and we work CLOSE on trees...I have come to love her. I knew her story but I really did not know her story. I hope you will stop by her blog and say hello to her...Hear her miracle in her words HERE!
Come back here and tell me you visited and you will be entered in a GREAT HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY that I will draw for at the end of the week to mark my 100th post MILESTONE. I vividly remember the day I wrote the first post. SCARED and sure it would be the ONLY one because no one would ever read it.
I also just posted new tree pictures on my HOLIDAY BLOG.