Saturday, January 29, 2011


HIS name IS Jack Woody Buzz Strother.  (the pictures are better on my holiday blog)
Woody at his other Grandmothers
His Mom and Dad are Amanda and Micah!
aman and mic
and his Big Brother is Parker
How Lucky I Am TO be HIS GRAMMY! He is a miniature of HIS DAD.  (remember this is the MICAH that I did not want Amanda to marry) 
I was first Jack’s mammy, then his gammy and NOW HIS GRAMMY. (finally)
I could write a book on what this boy says.  He has a very BIG  vocabulary.
A VERY vivid Imagination.
There is a big age difference in he and Parker.
nothing sweeter
Parker is 11 and Jack is turning 3.  Parker and I spend most of our time shaking our heads and laughing at what comes out of his MOUTH!  
He Lives in Toy Story World, Almost ALWAYS in character. HE EXPECTS you to be ALSO. So to be his friend it is important to know your lines.
He is a Night OWL like me, so when he spends the NIGHT, (which is often) he stays up as late as I will)  some of my MOST  Precious times with him are in the MIDNIGHT hour.
he is almost impossible to discipline because he is so funny.
Tomorrow is his party, so check back for party pictures.  And of course, he
is having a Woody Cake..
For some reason he decided this week to rename me.  I am no longer Jessie, I am now Lostso!  POP is  now
Alien!  He is in charge of
naming everyone and YOU MUST not argue with him about who you are.
Jack and all his friends
I am the only person that gives him his CHOCO MILK in a BABY BOTTLE.  AND he LOVES me for it. 
Tomorrow I will announce the book winner and have some other prizes. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you are NOT a football fan skip this post. I love it and miss very few games.  Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket gives me the opportunity to watch all the games.  But what gets me is the Star Spangled Banner.  The singing of the National Anthem gets me every time. The Chicago Bears  do an outstanding job of celebrating America at every game…but I love Martina McBride. Can you imagine singing it with a wind chill of 5 degrees.  She just sang it for the Jets-Steelers Game. And who would have known it was freezing? I don’t have a favorite for this game, really didn’t with either game today.  My teams are out.  But I know the players. I know all four coaches…well not personally, but I know a lot about them because I read.  I may be the only person ever that watches the players as the national anthem is sung.  I know weird.  I always have.  I love to catch one singing, really singing.    You see everything. Tonight, I saw Big Ben singing (he has had some days in the last year where he had nothing to sing about). I hope his is a story of redemption.
I saw Jason Taylor, I saw the young Mark Sanchez.  I saw a group holding  hands, no doubt praying. This is a Big Game.   You can tell the ones that really feel the song and seem to understand that honoring America is much bigger than a football game.  I love pretty much everything about the game and thinking we are down to the last two for this season makes me sad if not depressed.  If its not your thing, you do not get that.  In the big scheme of life there are so many things more important.  It’s just my DRUG of CHOICE.  Ha
I love to know the players stories.  I love the smack, I love the challenges.  The one thing I cannot stand is showboats and dances in the end zones. Hate it.  I like a player with class.  One that acts like he has been there before and plans on returning.   I even tried to like Aaron Rogers today. He seems like a nice young man.   That will be an inside joke to people that have read my blog a long time.  After tonight's game I will spend the next two weeks reading the stories of all the players on both teams.  I love knowing how they reached their dream. Enough football…and probably my last football post for the year. 
Not breaking news, but I have had the flu. (I am just guessing since I had every symptom but had some Tamiflu on hand and did not go to the doctor)  Guess I was due, low resistance, lots of stress, etc.
I know most of you have kept up with Joanne’s progress.  If not, catch up on her blog, The Simple Wife.  The updates are nothing short of miraculous. And if you have missed her sisters updates, a new blog for you to read is Kristen's. What a gifted writer and what a special sister. 
The winner of the GIVEAWAY is Sally at
Life is A Beautiful Gift.  A surprise package will be on its way to her.  
I just finished the best book…..UnSHAKEN, about a man working for Compassion International that was trapped for days in the Haiti earthquake.  I could not put it down.   I would love to GIVE my copy away.  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  that’s it….if you have a great remedy for the January blues, leave it for me or if you are on a new eating plan and its working, leave that too. I will draw at the end of the week (or Parker will)
Remeber the Elmers Glue Jack poured all over his carpeT at my house.  His Mom just told me he poured over a half a bottle of Baby oil in his room at home Today.  Woody can make a mess.