Friday, April 29, 2011


I have spent the last few hours reading blogs, looking at pictures, thinking, reading more blogs, reading newspaper accounts, all that are from the tornado hit areas.  Total devastation.  Be sure and read Stephanie’s story.   Also read Lisa’s account.   The pictures on some sites are like nothing I have ever seen.
This may be too honest for some people.  Tuesday night tornadoes were  spotted all around us.  I have never seen so many sightings and so much jumping around.  This went on all evening.  Normally I am not a worrier about weather, AT ALL.  I just wish instead of breaking into the TV, they would pick one station, and then run the ticker on the other stations. My next thought was “I sure hope we don’t lose power because I need to charge my phone and laptop”.  Just being honest.  It gets worse.  I actually had the thought “I hope this is over tomorrow night so  it does not mess up American Idol”!  At one point, the weatherman seemed to have some panic in his voice and I realized I had my pajamas on…so I walked in my husbands man cave and ask him if he thought I should get dressed. I knew he was watching the weather on another channel…His exact words were, “I will let you know if we need to get in a bathroom”and I went right back to what I was doing.  We never lost power and within a couple of hours the storms had moved on.  This was not one of those scared to death kind of nights, just mildly concerned that they were so many sightings.   I did call both the kids to make sure they were hunkered down…they were and they seemed about as concerned as I was. (not very)
As I look at all the pictures and read the blogs, I know that could have been us the night before.  Why was it them and not us?  That’s the part I don’t get. Life is fragile, life changes in a moment and though I know these things personally, I am reminded of it again this week.  And to be honest I struggle with it. 
As many times as I have watched this, and I happen to be watching when it happened…I want to post it again.  I don’t think any of us can see it too many times….especially this week.

On a lighter note, thanks for all the tips for Amanda. I will be sure and let you know what works. And now for a smile…Jack and his BUBBLES. 
 Jack Bubbles

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am doing this post for Amanda.  She will consider me her hero if I get a tip that works. Remember this little man, Jack AKA WOODY that I talk about all the time…
Jack smile
 amanda and Jack
He is a MESS.,….Strong Willed, Funny beyond words, very SMART, SUPER at Communicating his feelings, (you never have to wonder what he is thinking)did I say strong willed?  He has a GIANT vocabulary, you cannot bribe him, he is hard to discipline because he is so dang funny.  I lay awake at night and laugh out loud at things he has said that day. I just know comedian may be in his future.  HERE IS our problem….He turned 3 in late January and he is  NOT ONE BIT INTERESTED in POTTY TRAINING.  He told me last week, “But Grammy, I like diapers” !  Amanda is really frustrated…she told me tonight she has decided it is a power struggle….So what I need from you are SUGGESTIONS, THINGS THAT WORKED for you or for your grandkids. 
As for me its selfish…we really cannot plan a trip to see the Mouse until he is out of diapers.  He is totally uninterested…he likes approval, but he can live without it.  I really think in his little mind its simple…Grammy likes coffee, he likes diapers. 
Pitiful Jack-1
I can’t even remember why he was mad or sad here….but we would all be SO HAPPY to HAVE a POTTY TRAINED JACK.