Friday, August 13, 2010


You will need to read this post to learn about Will's story and need for PRAYER.... Thank you so much for praying for this family. Will is still critical, but there have been some positive things today.
The newest Update on Will....NO Bacteria or virus left..they are taking him off antibiotics to help kidneys...Diagnosis now is Encephalitis not meningitis. He has good blood flow to the center of the brain...The EEG must measures the outer core not inner...Dr said we just need to pray that the brain swelling decreases and brain bleeding would stop...
I was reading through some of the posts on our mutual friends FB walls today and found these things said about the Mathews family. In a time of crisis what a tribute to Tyree and Mark as parents.
Tyree is always there for all our children. Troy loved playing ball this summer for coach Mark. He is such a patient and kind person and you could really tell he loved the boys. I know Jesus is right with them carrying them through and that He will not leave Will's side.
Before this trial we have discussed Tyree as one of the greatest moms we know. The Mathews family never miss worship on Sunday and sit as a family. She spends everyday at the school working to be near her children. She is an inspiration. God comfort her when we fail to have words.
To a mom that is my hero...Tyree Matthews has shown us all how to be a mom and how to keep believing. She is breathing God's faithfulness. What a light God put on her for this time.

BELOW are some pictures from the prayer vigil at the hospital tonight. The crowd continues to grow...How these pictures touch my heart. The old song "I am so glad I'm a part of the family of God" has been in my heart all day.

Please stop by Wills Prayer wall on FB and leave an encouraging word for the family..

Thursday, August 12, 2010


UPDATE...Friday noon
I just added a picture of Will's family. The best place to go for current updates is to the Facebook page. He did make it through the night and I just heard that his kidneys are working and he was on his way to have another cat scan...Will update as I know anything else. My deepest thanks to all my friends in blogland for praying. Please pass his name and his family on to every prayer group that you know.

Friends... This is a picture of Will Matthews. I wanted you to have a picture to go with your prayers. Will is a 14 year old boy from Shreveport that goes to Calvary Christian Academy. Just a few days ago he was HEALTHY and playing football. Today should have been his first day of high school. Tonight he is fighting for his life after a brief illness, which has turned out to be bacterial meningitis. His heart stopped last night and he is now on a vent. I do not know Will personally, but we have a thousand mutual friends and our city is on its knees tonight for this kid. This was the latest update from a close friend of mine and also of Will's family.

"The neurosurgeon came by and there is nothing he can do. The infection is in the cells and can't be drained. The doctors have said its all in Gods hands now, there is nothing else they can do. My heart is breaking for them. Please continue to pray."
His classmates have circled the hospital tonight in a prayer vigil. There is a FB page, Praying For Will Mathews, where you can leave prayers for the family. Please feel free to stop by and leave a prayer for this sweet family.
He is critical RIGHT NOW and needs a miracle.
Life can change in a moment. PLEASE huge your kids tonight and pray FERVENTLY for this child and his family. Not one of us knows when we will need others to PRAY. Parker is 11...I cannot imagine him going in the hospital for an infection and 24 hours later not knowing if he would live through the night. Jack had meningitis when he was five days old, but it was viral. He was critical! Our family will never again here the word MENINGITIS without breathing one more thank you to GOD for healing him. He is a HEALTHY TWO YEAR today. Our hearts hurt tonight for this family. I know the blog world is full of wonderful people that believe in the power of prayer...Please pray.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just had to add this PICTURE...Jack is sick and had to have some blood work done to rule out streph. Would you want to be the person that had to prick this finger? I think he is a TAD MAD!
I looked at my dashboard this morning thinking I was getting ready to write a post about date night with Jack (AKA Woody) and realized that on my two blogs I had 275 posts and over 1150 followers. I know to many of you that is not a lot, but to this girl that thought one post would be the end, it seems like a MILLION. I thought about waiting until I reached the 300th post, but I will be so busy getting ready for the tree season, that I decided I would show my thanks NOW to all of you who have befriended me in the blog world. So on both blogs for the next few days I think we NEED to in give a FEW THINGS AWAY. I am already drawing for a copy of IN A HEARTBEAT! I am adding to that some more prizes on EACH you will have to check both out. This post will stay up all week (because I have to start working on getting Christmas out of storage and staying away from the computer so much)! On SUNDAY NIGHT, PARKER will draw for all the prizes....So you have two chances to win Leigh Ann and Sean's book In A HEARTBEAT! (Are you getting that I LOVE this book? I think this is the 8th copy I have given away.) I love Robin McGraw,so I am including her book, What's Age Got To Do With It? . Then there are two new cookbooks, 500 SALADS and The Gooseberry Patch CHURCH SUPPERS COOKBOOK. It only takes a comment...and you can comment on both blogs...Just a little token to say thanks for reading ME.

NOW, on to my DATE last night with WOODY. It was so much fun that I think we will do it again. I am hoping he will ask me out again. We mostly played Woody, Buzz, Jessy, you get the picture. Jack does all the talking and the only RULE is I AM NOT TO TOUCH WOODY.

WOODY had to sit in TIME OUT several times and I have no idea what he did wrong. One time I think he lost his hat. One time his head turned to the back and JACK HATES that. And we did go TO INFINITY and EOND (that's beyond, you say it with a long E and you say it really loud) about 100 times! He did come to me about 11 last night and say, "MAMMY (still working in the GR)
I WITE" I ask where and he opened his little fist and he had autographed his hand with a blue marker. I asked where the marker was and he went straight to the ottoman, got on his knees and pulled it out from under it. He had hidden his pen for later use. A BOY never knows when he will need to sign something.
Though this is not a great picture from Amanda's phone, this was DATE NIGHT for JACK's Mom and DAD. I think they LIKE each other.
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