Saturday, January 9, 2010


****Contest open through Friday night. This has been so much fun that I am taking comments through Friday. Also, am posting an update on Maggie on my other blog!


If you have read my blog for long, you know I am a BIG FOOTBALL FAN, maybe close to an addiction. I love the game...always have, married a football coach and we lived happily ever after!

SO let's have a contest. If you are NOT a fan, then ask your husband, your son, your neighbor or your dog for a TEAM. All you have to do in the comment section is list the team that you think will win the SUPER BOWL!
If you do not read this until after Sunday night, you will have a little advantage as you will know who was knocked out this weekend...The comments will be closed on Friday night the 15th, BUT if you
MAKE YOUR GUESS TODAY, SATURDAY, your name will go in the drawing 5 extra times, if your team wins.
AFTER SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, everyone that chose the winner will go into a drawing for a $100.00 box of goodies...A GOOD PRIZE. If you made your guess TODAY then your name will be in the drawing five extra times if your team WON...But if you don't read this until Sunday or Monday, enter anyway...If your team wins, you are in the drawing too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


First of all, I am all bummed that I don't have any pictures...My son-in-law is out of town on business so Amanda and the boys spent the night with us last night. I was just sure I would get some great shots...BUT I need a new camera battery...I really want a new I WOULD LOVE to hear your SUGGESTIONS on CAMERAS. IT needs to be fairly easy to use as I HATE to read instructions. In the comments leave me some names of your favorites. We leave for Colorado in 2 weeks and I would love to have one by then. That would be a gift to me from me from tree work. Believe me I EARNED IT. This week I am taking down four houses, along with my elves and then we retire for another year.

It was a been a BLAH few days....(with the exception of the Vikings getting the number 2 seed in the NFL on Sunday...for you non- football fans that means nothing...for football lovers..that means my favorite team/player get a bye in the first round of the play-offs and home field advantage in their first playoff the wife of a retired football coach that's my football lesson for the week)! And in the past week I have watched FAR too much football.
Here is the point of the post title since you are probably wondering if I had a random thought and then forgot it. I am taking down all my decorations much earlier than normal this year since we are taking a winter vacation in a few weeks. January has always been a month I fight depression, the blah's, whatever you call it. It is just not a month I love though I love cold weather. I just don't love January. Its the end of football season and that makes me sad. After going FULL SPEED since October decorating homes for the holidays, the slower pace is NICE. I do get more sleep, see more movies, watch more football, and get so much more GRAMMY time...BUT as I dismantle the house, I HATE it...
I HATE a NAKED HOUSE. Since holiday decorating is my business, I tend to continue to decorate my own. So by Christmas, the house is what you would call WINTER WONDERLAND, with a tree in every nook...So the last few days I have taken one section at a time and began putting the snowmen away. And every place I undress not only looks bare, but looks like it needs cleaning and is begging for a new look. I make pictures before I start decorating so I know just where things go back, but for some reason it always looks like less when I put it back. I have so many little white lights everywhere during the holidays, that now that they are leaving, the house is beginning to look dark. Just an illusion, but a look that I dislike...
SO I THINK I NEED TO MAKE A TRIP TO KIRKLAND'S AND T.J MAXX! Maybe pick up a few new nesting things. If any of my friends are reading this they are laughing as I do not need anything. I am a pillow and lamp addict, so maybe a new pillow will put some clothes on the house....because I REALLY HATE a NAKED HOUSE. What about you?
Am I the only person with this problem?
I promised a post on my FAVORITE BLOGS. I think what I am going to do is list a few on each post...When I started compiling a list, it grew and grew.....
So for tonight here are five BLOGS that I LOVE! Stop by and visit them and you will love them too....
Mo JOY....Mo (Melanie) is just fun, artistic and and has two cute girls...
Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. She gives great blogging advice, writes fabulous posts and is a must read for me.
Kristen at Kristen's Creations
She and I do similar jobs and I love looking at the work of others.
Amy at Snoodlings Amy lives in my town and has just lost her Dad to a brain tumor. She is an outstanding writer. I never leave her blog without a nugget of gold. She writes about REAL LIFE and from her writings you know how real she is.
Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home. She gives great decorating tips and pictures, but I am most drawn to her sincerity and kindness. I think we would be real life friends.
OK...leave me some camera suggestions and tell me about which blogs you visited. I am working on a NEW LOOK and hope to have it for my one year BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY. February will be a month of prizes, fun and celebration!