Friday, April 16, 2010


There will be very few times and this may be the only time I will post the same thing on both blogs. I am so humbled and flat out dumbfounded at all the sweet comments. The Blog Party was fun last year, but this year between my two blogs I got 449 comments. PLEASE do not take that as bragging...I visited lots of blogs, but no where near that many. So many of the comments were long, thoughtful and very personal...And I would guess that well over half of them were from blogs I had never heard of before. It really left me speechless, which my kids would say happens far too rarely.
On top of the comments, it looks like there are over 150 new followers, whatever that is. I am still not sure I GET THAT, but then there is a lot in life I don't get. I am in AWE of all the GREAT blogs that are OUT THERE in BLOG LAND. I almost skipped the party, as I had several things going on this week, but at the last minute, decided to JUMP IN. I am really just a new, one year old blogger that knows very little about blogging.
There is really nothing spectacular about my blogs..the Christmas blog may be a little unique, because you probably don't know many people that do what I do as a business. But other than that and really cute grandkids, I cannot fathom why anyone would read my random ramblings.
I don't cook, so you will never get a recipe from me. I don't sew,I don't work in the yard, I don't set a beautiful table, mainly because my table is usually covered with books and paper work, I don't home school, I don't teach a Bible study, I rarely ever post anything very spiritual. I don't have any big CAUSES, I am a LOVER of DISNEY and FOOTBALL and those two things really don't even go together. I don't show a lot of my home because it's full of STUFF and the older I get the less STUFF matters. I love to look at your stuff, but over the years mine has become more kid friendly and less formal...My kids will SO laugh over that statement. Their favorite story to tell is as they were growing up, I vacuumed everyday and I would vacuum or have them vacuum us out the door so there would be no foot prints on the carpet, just in case we were in an accident and someone came in. Now I am that sounds
SO DUMB! With the little men in my life now, it's a totally different story...I still make sure everything is picked up at night before I go to bed, but during the day balls, trucks and little Star Wars people can be any and everywhere. That's called GRAMMY! Whatever makes them HAPPY. It's a standing joke that they don't have to take a bath EVERY day when they are here. They can EAT when and IF they want to and they can eat in their rooms; JACK at 2 CAN have a bottle or anything else he wants. PARKER can stay up as late as he wants to. Get the picture...with the grandkids LIFE IS DIFFERENT. My kids remind me of that OFTEN. So my only claim to fame in the blog world is that I am head over heels in love with my family and ESPECIALLY my grandkids. I thought I was an OK Mom, but I am positive I am a good GRAMMY. It's my mission in life. My BOY and
MY GIRL are BOTH HAPPILY MARRIED to 2 of my FAVORITE PEOPLE, so that makes ME and MY MAN happy beyond words. That's when you feel like your days of parenting were successful.
BUT please don't get the idea that we have always had the happily ever after fairy tale family. WE have had the same bumps in the road as some of you and if you read the beginning of my blog, you will read about some of them.
NOW to the PRIZE, it is going to take me a day or two to get all the names together to draw from. ONE PRIZE is NOT ENOUGH, so there are going to be SEVERAL and maybe more than SEVERAL!I will do my best to post the winners by the end of the weekend.
I had a SUPER FUN day today, and will post about it next week. I also got something in the mail today that is an ENTIRE post in itself. I need to get permission from the person that sent it to me to share it. I still need to post our EASTER pictures and tell our lunch story from that Sunday, so next week I will try and post everyday and do a little catch up. PLUS the football draft is coming up and maybe there is one other person out there that cares...but I'll admit I WATCH IT. And of course I am on
FAVRE WATCH and hoping to hear him say the first GRANDFATHER IN THE NFL is going to PLAY
one more year.

So the sincerest of thanks to each one of you that stopped by. I am going to do my very best to stop by EVERY blog that commented. Please stop by anytime as I record our family
DOING LIFE. Some days that's easy, some days tough, but I am so glad to be doing it with the people I write about. We laugh a lot, we play a lot, and we make GREAT MEMORIES. BLOGGING is just a great way of recording them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Guess I better start a new post and stop adding to the old one....You can still read my PARTY POST here! I have had so much fun blog hopping and enjoying the party. I am glad we have a couple more days to meet new friends...The creativity of the blog world blows me away.

I am waiting on some Easter pictures from my daughter-in-law. I really do have a CUTE EASTER POST, where at the second restaurant we went to that day after church, (the first one had a very long wait) we were seated at the table next to a blogger that reads my blog and she recognized our family. Not sure if that's good or bad, but they were the cutest family and we got some great pictures. We had a very CRANKY and TIRED Jack with us, so that may have given us away.

I was touched that there were so many great comments about
Phil and Amy Mickelson. It is a story that has warmed my heart all week. What a beautiful example of FAMILY! I would love to see this picture on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, but they have not called and asked just HOPING!

I told you this was RANDOM....we saw two good movies this week...I have never seen a Tyler Perry movie that I did not like. EVER! So I loved his new movie. Today my husband and I saw The Last Song and it was good, but very sad. Jack had already read the book and we are both Nicholas Sparks fans.

I am still walking though I have not been blogging about it but I did 4 miles tonight and my walking buddy is invaluable. I had forgotten how much easier and more fun it is to walk with a partner.

Many of you have emailed me about Amy, the Mom to Justin, the 12 year old boy in my town that was abducted and killed a few weeks ago by a twice convicted sex offender. Yesterday he was charged with first degree murder and the D.A. is seeking the death penalty with great passion. I had an email from Amy and she said she was in court and able to look him in the eye. I can only imagine her feelings. Please continue to pray for her and her entire family as they go through the process of justice. I would offer my services in a minute to do away with this animal. There are a lot of things in life that I get, but one that I don't, is abuse of innocent children. I feel myself going into another I will stop.

OK, I GIVE, I cannot resist telling you this. Only those that have read my blog for awhile will get it. Last week, Brett Favre became a grandfather...I am hoping he will be the FIRST NFL player to play as a grandfather. That means I am SO HOPING he will play one more year. Brittney had a little boy and they named him PARKER BRETT! What are the chances that would happen? My Parker could not believe it. His words when I called him were "Grammy, no way"!

I had some blood work done last week and my cholesterol is up a little. I had it down to 178 and now its up over 200. Send me some tips on getting it down. I am one of those that CANNOT take statins. They make me feel like I have the flu 24/7, but I have been taking Zetia. High cholesterol runs in my family, especially among the women, so I really need to be proactive about it. I hope the walking is going to make a difference. But if you know any vitamins, natural stuff, I am open to try anything.

And just in case you are an American Idol fan, my favorites are Crystal and Michael. And if you love Dancing With The Stars, I am still trying to find a favorite. I would love to hear yours.

REMEMBER all comments through Thursday night, on either blog, go into the drawing for the $100.00 Gift Basket. IF the stock market stays up all week, there might be some extra prizes! AND I think I may be going to see the MOUSE the end of MAY. I don't have to tell you how HAPPY that makes me.

I really love all my new blog friends. I am going to share a list of some of the GEMS I have found during the BLOG PARTY. Now if this has not been RANDOM, I don't know what is.

Enough are probably beyond bored. The WINNER of the last card package this week is HOUSE QUEEN @ THE QUEEN OF MY HOUSE and THE DOWTY FAMILY ! She has two sites and the CUTEST LITTLE GUYS EVER, well almost the cutest. I just remembered my four little men. Go by and visit her site. I want to read more. It looks like my kind of blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


If you have stopped by from the great blog party, be sure and read my PARTY POST and get in on a chance for the BIG PRIZE. I have enjoyed getting to know so many new bloggers. I did post at A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING ! If you are a Tiger fan, you might want to skip it. It was one of those posts that I could not NOT post. Ever had one of those?

PARKER AND JACK ARE SPENDING THE NIGHT, so before they go to bed tonight, I will have them pick a number for one more CARD PACKAGE.....
SO YOU HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE. Someone that I had sent a card to recently called me today...I won't go into the details, but SNAIL MAIL DOES make a difference.
SO FOR THE NEXT 5 HOURS, if you leave a comment, tell me one person that you want to bless with a card! REMEMBER I AM ON A MISSION! You can comment again, even if you have already commented! I don't have many rules...JUST WANT EVERYONE to WIN ONE.

YESTERDAY'S WINNER was Jen at Reflections in the Window. Her blog is new to me and looks so good. Stop by and visit her.