Sunday, June 5, 2011


I looked at the date and could not believe that it had been so long since I posted.  How time flies….Speaking of time flying, Jack and I celebrated our 39th anniversary on  Friday.  There is no way I could have been married 39 years and not be old.  I did the math.
We are on somewhat of a mini vacation…only 3 hours from home, but in a great hotel for a week.

This is the week of Parkers Leadership Conference in Washington DC, so we volunteered to bring him to Dallas to catch his flight….very early today…But that gave us two PARKER days and we did any and everything Parker wanted to….
Game Stop, Cheesecake Factory, a fun burger joint called Five Guys, spent a couple of hours in the Apple Store, movies and swimming.
Jack got up at 4 AM and shuttled with him to the airport.  We are going to stay in Dallas all week and pick him up. 

So the week will be a little shopping, market one day, probably too much eating out, a fabulous Groupon Deal on Tuesday, a few trips to Central Market!  No schedule sounds wonderful.

Tuesday we get 2 hour massages….for less than an hour one normally cost.  This girl really loves a massage and a 2 hour one sounds like a dream.

Today we did absolutely nothing…It was 100 degrees today and predicted to be 101 tomorrow.
Let’s just say that kind of heat and menopause do not mix well.  This is my idea of a great day.

Parker has safely arrived in Washington and in for a week of a lifetime.  We are texting back and forth.  He does not have to tell his new friends that its his  GRAMMY that he is talking to.

I have so many random thoughts in my head…and probably none are important enough to share. 
Gray and Jack had a play date today at Amanda’s….notice who has both Woody’s.

Parker leaving on a JET PLANE….Where did the years go?



Do you know how much I love this little man?
Two stories you already know if you are my FB friend, but I need to record them….

On our way to Dallas we stopped to eat. We left very proud grandparents…this is the story

Good grades are great, but nothing impresses me like good manners and stepping up to help someone in need  without being told to.
We were leaving a restaurant today and Parker was sitting on a bench waiting on us.
I overheard this older lady (older than me) say "Son, tell your mom she raised a great boy"!

I had no idea what she what was talking about...and then I saw that the lady was trying to walk a blind man to the car.  Parker had seen her and had opened the door for them and was helping her get him through the door. I am still smiling! Parker may never know but that got him a big Itunes card.

Then last night PROUD again..after a fun day, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. We had officially named Saturday, Parker Day.

When we finished dinner last night , Parker proudly said, "I am taking care of the ticket tonight"! Where did this 12 year old come from?  
Thank you Lord for putting him in our family. 

Parker’s Reece’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake….

OK, finished with my BRAG tonight…
Forgive me, but I am recording life.
If you are not a grandparent yet,
you probably don’t get it.
And if you do not know Parker’s story, you don’t understand the real meaning of the stories about him.
We are blessed.
I will be back with updates on Parker’s travels.

I am determined to take time this week to read lots of blogs.