Monday, February 4, 2013


In my last post we were leaving for Houston for little Jack's  birthday party.  That never happened. 

Friday morning Jack became sick with what he thought was just upper respiratory infection.  He had stayed well all thru flu season.  To make a long story short he went to a Quick Care, his chest Xray looked OK and they gave him steroids and an antibiotic. 

Saturday morning we had planned to get up and leave if he felt better.  He felt much worse, but still did not want to go to the ER.  He hates the hospital.  He continued to get worse all day and I was getting more scared. 

He could not breath and was getting weaker by the hour.  He was adamant about not calling the ambulance...So Greg came and took him to the ER but by this time he could barely walk and was dehydrated and looked horrible.  Every breath was a struggle.  

He was CRITICAL when we arrived at the ER.  The next XRay showed congestive heart failure and a COPD flare-up complicated by the upper respiratory infection.  So today has been horrible. 

They admitted him and started him  on IV Lasix and cortisone.  By late tonight I think he is stable and looking much better.  Please be in prayer for him.  He is our rock....I am really too tired to connect two words together but knew my sweet blog friends would pray.  I will keep you posted....Teresa

one picture from Jacks party.......