Friday, December 18, 2009


Please make a stop at my Holiday Blog today. I don't have time to post this on both blogs....BUT I really want there to be people, that need a lift, to get a surprise email today....READ this post and MAKE SOMEONES DAY....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



My head ELF and good friend has started blogging OFFICIALLY today.... I am so excited. She is invaluable help to me throughout the year. Our friendship goes back years, as she has always done all my fliers, mail outs, and a million other things. A few years ago, she became a stay at home Mom/Grandmother/Wife and that enabled her to help me on trees....

I cannot even tell you what a blessing she is to many long days and nights she hangs with me until we have finished a project. She is a problem solver, a non panic type, hard worker, doesn't mind getting dirty, has strong legs from all her many years of teaching aerobics...and that helps greatly in moving trees...Do you get the picture? She is on the floor pushing and I am standing holding the tree.

She is the Mom to three boys, wife to a funny, funny man for 35 plus years. She will have many Ninny stories, as she has little ones like me. Plus she is getting a granddaughter in June.

She is CRAFTY and TASTEFULLY CRAFTY. She is an awesome cook and entertainer. She is always ready to HELP..though yesterday she did not answer her phone for fear I had committed us to another tree.

She has taught me so much about the computer. Now I am going to teach her what little I know about blogging. Her youngest son is the HEAD of the GEEK SQUAD at BEST BUY which I totally use as clout when I need something done fast. I love you Colin and I want to buy a new lap top tomorrow, so have me one picked out...He will be laughing at this as I buy too many laptops. Some people like lots of clothes. I like lots of laptops.

She is fun and she and I share the same sense of humor....we laugh more than we should and probably at some things we shouldn't .

Please stop by her BLOG and welcome her to the BLOG WORLD....

Monday, December 14, 2009


*****It's day 2 of the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash, and today we are sharing Christmas Trees at my place! Please join us at my holiday us your tree and there will be a GRAND PRIZE WINNER...the tree that catches my eye as my favorite...I am sure they are all beautiful. Comments also enter you for all kinds of prizes that the HOLLY BLOGGY CHRISTMAS BASH is giving away. I have so many more trees to show you, but tonight I am wrapping! Tomorrow is another work day. I am looking for that 3 hour stretch that I can look at all the homes on the Christmas Home Tour.

Its almost 3 Am and I just remembered the HOME TOUR...and the Christmas decorator should post a few I took some quick pictures...This is not a post I have worked on long and it is NOTHING but snapshots of our home at Christmas and its for kids....a little winter wonderland, a little (no a lot) of Disney, a lot of memories! This is not the post I had in my heart tonight. I will save it for another night. After you take a quick look, read the post below..
Christmas is the SEASON of MIRACLES...

Below is the magazine that my business and my HOlLIDAY BLOG recevied a GREAT two page write up in. The other pictures are just snapshots into our lives and will need no labels. I will be back tomorrow night with more pictures and some WINNERS...

This is such a special picture....This baby changed EVERYTHING ten years ago.