Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting to Know What YOU Don't DO

This has been such a fun post that I am going to leave it up until Monday, while I work on the answers to the "tree questions"! And just to make it a little more fun, I think I will let Parker draw 2 2 blog friends will get a surprise in the mail. If you mention the post on your blog I will add your name 5 extra times in the drawing. I love getting to know all of you better. Be sure and let me know that you linked to my blog where I can give you extra chances to win. Have a great weekend.

I loved the post I did on Getting to Know YOU and got great responses. ...and I AM in the process of checking out all those blogs. I promise to visit everyone. Babies have been taking some of my blogging time. And you can probably tell that in our home BABIES RULE ! This will be a way for me to know you just a little let me see your list of dont's in my comments .... ..Monday, Parker will be home from Destin and I will let him pick a number. I will mail you a "Surprise Box" later in the week. So let's call this a
Mini Giveaway, just for participating in the fun. ( Are you beginning to see that I love to GIVE AWAY SURPRISES?)
"I Don't"
Here is a list of 10 "Dont's" that come to mind. Let's stick to TEN! I could probably list 1000.
1. I don't get up before 10 most mornings. (I am sorry..I know some people consider that a sin)
2. I don't go to bed before 2 most nights.
3. I don't cook
4. I don't go to bed until everything is picked up.
5. I don't EVER mind a grandchild spending the night. ( I have that little 18 month old Jack safe in the crib in his room at our house tonight..nothing sweeter. I bet I cover him up 2o times before I go to bed and I let Celine's lullaby album play all night.
6. I don't really like to drive, would always prefer somebody else to do the driving.
7. I don't like to run errands...(my husband loves a list and does not mind at all, which is such a blessing)
8. I don't ever tire of Disney TRIPS.
9. I don't ever let the laundry pile up. I like everything clean.
10. I don't like to iron or PAINT !
Now I would love for you to share your list with ME. I really do want to get to know my readers......Not just your name but who you really are...I was thinking about my five closest real life friends and I could easily write 10 things they "Don't Do"! .....I am looking forward to your answers..and in the process you might win a prize.

and if you missed my last post, take a look below at our little miracle!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Am Falling In Love Again

I had not planned to post tonight but after a few hours with this little man...I had to share a few pictures.
My Dad cannot get enough of me ! I wonder if he knows I have no plans to sleep any tonight!
Talk about a little Angel!

This is my Big Brother, Austin. He has good toys!

My Mom, Grammy and Aunt Manda pay to get their hair this color!

I hear that my Dad has great toys! And my brother told me he goes crazy in Walmart and Target. I think I like him! (Grayson quote...remember I can understand his language)
Grammy really likes me and I hear she likes to travel fun places!She just keeps staring at me...Jack told me she does the same thing to him!It must have something to do with being a grandkid.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few Pictures, an Update and a Reminder

I have loved your "tree decorating" questions.....I am going to close that post tonight (Tuesday) so I can start working on some answers...
That may turn into several posts and one SPECIAL post about a very unique tree. If you wanted to do the "special tree" you would need to get started NOW, collecting....I will try and post this later this week..

Next, so many of you have ask about sweet Grayson. Thank you for asking and caring.
He is doing great...gaining weight, cooing, NOT sleeping much...but oh how we love that little guy.
I think I will get a little rocking time this afternoon I play Bunco very close to his house.
And of course I could not leave a post without a few pictures from the last week

Grayson checking Pop out!

We think Grayson is singing while Parker holds him...sweet moments
Our little clown Jack.....He is offering me his pacifier. He is a very generous
This is Jack trying to figure out an ESCAPE unbuckling the belt in his car seat...He almost has it figured it out....He spent the night last night and I am convinced he is the funniest kid ever....Really a LAUGH a minute...and obsessed with Mikey Mouse! (wonder where he got that?)