Monday, April 2, 2012


I know the first thing want to know is "How is Crew?"

Talked to Marie this afternoon and this was what she posted....

Getting moved out of ICU!! Not out of the woods yet but getting closer!

Over 24 hours fever free but may have to get a blood transfusion and his potassium (keeps your heart working) is way to low so he is on a supplement. The supplement is making him throw up, poor guy! His doctors are happier with him today.
They told us Saturday they weren't sure Crew would even make it.
 He did!! To God be the glory!!! So proud of him!!

Marie just posted that he  is about to get a blood transfusion and we are praying for no reactions .   He also needs more prayer for his potassium levels.  I am believing for big miracles this EASTER WEEK.

Is that the sweetest picture? Marie told me the doctors were so relieved after Saturday that once he was fever free, they went out and played a round of golf to celebrate. 

I read threee great posts today.....I thought I would share them with you. 

Kaseye, a gal that lives close by had a GREAT read today.  One that
I read over and over. It will challenge you. 
If you have not read Jen Hatmakers books, get them...

THEN Meagan at Mackey Madness, one of my favorite bloggers that lives right here in my town had an excellent post today.

Finally  I read this!  I love this lady and this post....She is such an encourager. 

Now for a smile for the day.  Jack wanted Parkers DS one day last week...I was close enough to capture his technique. 

  Parker looks so impressed...NOT!!!!!!

PARKER has a VERY special Mom and step-dad (Micah)! 

I love you Micah for always trying so hard to make fun memories for Parker....
They took Parker and some of his friends to Dallas for the  weekend and they made it SPECIAL....including a limousine ride to DAVE and BUSTERS...and a day at SIX FLAGS.  I have not seen Parker to get all the details, but I know he had a blast taking friends. 

It is those little things that make memories that kids NEVER forget.

Jack and I took a 2 day trip to sweltering Canton...along with thousands of other people.  April 1st felt like the middle of August. 

So proud of Blake and Miranda last night and Taylor Swift!   My  friend Tim McGraw was looking good.  And Blake and Lionel R were  awesome.   

Also proud of the Lady Baylor Bears.  Looking forward to the game tomorrow night. 

OK...will be back with more CREW news tomorrow.  I feel like
I know a ROCK STAR.  If he does not melt your heart, I am wondering about you.!!!!!

 I almost forgot an  EASTER GIVEAWAY.... Every comment you leave this week will enter you that many times.
I will draw on Saturday and I promise you will get a nice box of GOODIES.....

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am out of town so this is going to be pieced together from a text I got from Marie and then later in the day from her sister....I know so many of you check often during the day and I do not want to leave you hanging. 

This was the first news from Marie this morning after they had moved Crew to ICU.  

Crew update: they found out he has a rare fungal kidney infection. He still has sky high fevers, they are trying to beat the infection by switching medicines.
 Problems with those drugs is kidney damage and he is already suffering from that.
Please pray this works! They have hooked him up to even more bags of fluid (2 at once) because his body isn't circulating blood to his extremities, just his heart and organs. Our boy is sad and miserable....

At this point I was just sick.  She had told me last night his color was terrible and he was not eating and very listless....almost unresponsive. 

Then I got this picture from Rhonda, Maries sister.....with his grandfather holding him and he looks much better....

Rhonda told me tonight that his fever is more under control, he is eating some, his color is much better, and maybe they have the right meds going now that they have identified the infection.  Let's believe he is turning the corner...

So many people have emailed me and ask how they could do something for this family...
If you are interested you can email me at

I (along with some other bloggers and friends)  are putting something together to ship to them this week. 

Thanks to each of you that have prayed for this family like it was your own.

Happy Sunday