Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary

******Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home is having a wonderful giveaway. Be sure to go enter. She has some wonderful gifts...and be sure and wish her a Happy Birthday....She has a great blog!

For the background of the real meaning of these pictures you need to go back and read the posts I did on Amanda (My Girl) and the one on Micah (Meet Micah...I Was Wrong). They tell a story that is becoming a happily ever-after story. I am SOOOO proud of them and HAPPY to admit I was wrong! Most of all, Happy that they are SO HAPPY!

I think I can easily say that these past two years have been the best two years of both their lives. Perfect marriage? I don't think there is one! But one they are both committed to making last forever...I see that daily!!! Marriage and family are their number one priorities.
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have met Jack (A Boy Named Jack). He is a combination of both their personalities and that makes for the funniest kid I have ever known. He just makes you laugh. And as Amanda says almost daily, "He is just so dang cute!" That is normally when she is thinking she needs to discipline him but cannot keep from laughing at him. He is a CLOWN. So this is not only Happy Anniversary to Amanda and Micah, but also to Parker and Jack... Two years as a family and a dang cute one!!

A night on the Town
Madly in Love!

Favorite Picture of the Month

My Boy Meets His Boy!

After being moved by ambulance to a NICU across town, Greg finally gets to meet Grayson. This little man is a dream come true, an answer to many years of prayers.

What a Fun Post!!!

I have loved getting to know so many of you better and some of you for the first time. The last post was one of my favorites. It again proves my theory that we are all more alike than different. Once I started reading the comments, I thought of another hundred things that I just DON'T DO! I copied all the comments so I can put you with your blog and feel like I really know you.
Parker is home (man did I miss that little man) and he just drew 2 numbers from the comments in just this one post. (and I gave those that posted about it extra chances) These lucky bloggers will receive a "surprise" in the mail very soon.
Heersink Happenings at and
Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me at
Since it is so late in the month and I have a busy week, I had Parker draw for the "Card Box" for July. The July WINNER is
Kathy at Sweet Up-North Mornings... A Creative Oasis

Please visit these blogs and say hello. I always love making new blog friends and all three of these gals have great blogs.
There are so many very sick children..... I have four healthy grandsons and am so blessed.....but please pray for these little ones.....My heart breaks for each of these families. They each need a miracle! Please leave them a comment and let them know you are praying.