Monday, September 26, 2011


I have not left the blogging world…I am even losing my commenters…Yikes

Truth is Amanda and Micah have bought a beautiful new house and asked me to be head decorator and furniture buyer.  It has been a pleasure to help make their new house a home but also a little stress. 

She is getting all new furniture so making sure everything flows has been keeping me awake at night. 

I will show you pictures in a few months when we get it all picture perfect.
If I have not been furniture shopping, I have had there little Jack.  He is not exactly a help in moving. 

Saturday we all went to the circus..Gray went with us and it was a fun day. This was him 2 minutes after we got in the car.

 Gray asleep


You can see Gray looking at Jack..sweet buddies!

Jack on horse

Woody is finally riding a horse…and it was too cute!!!

Just a little update on precious Brooklyn…she really needs prayer tonight. 
Her Dad just posted that she was struggling in her breathing and has been having seizures all day  She is still very critical and it has been three and half weeks since her cardiac arrest and series of strokes..It just breaks my heart.

The tree schedule is close to finished and just a few weeks until we get started.
I am heading to market and a quick little get away for five days later this week..really shopping for more stuff for Amanda and Micah’s house.

My sweet friend Paige is struggling…her husband did not get the report they were hoping for.  She has the most precious family..
Please remember Paige and (for me) leave her a little word of encouragement. 
For some good news…Jack had a stress test last week and did great…then he took a simulated driving test at the hospital (he wants to drive college teams again) and he passed with flying colors…

What that means I am not sure our family has settled on, but it has boosted his spirits knowing he is certainly able. 
Next Sunday will be the anniversary of his stroke…To each of you that has encouraged me and inquired about Jack through this year, a HUGE thanks. I will never forget your love.

We will be in Dallas just like the first weekend in Oct of last year…counting our blessings.
I have spent the last three days…with Jack (Woody) being here on the pretense os helping his Mom out.  It really is to help me out.  One post I am going to just share FUNNY Jack stories.
There is nothing like a little to make me feel a tad younger.  He has made me laugh until I cried.
I am proud to announce HE IS  FINALLY POTTY TRAINED and proud of it…

I need to know you are still out there..I am going to catch up on everyone's blogs while I am away…(in a hotel where there are no interruptions)

If anyone has a name to a great paint color in the gold/mustard/brown tones…please send it to me…I am looking for the perfect paint color for Amanda’s bedroom and living room.  There are only 1 million samples out there. 

And if you are watching the debates, I would love to hear your thoughts...