Saturday, September 18, 2010


I talk a lot about my little's, but today, take a look at Parker and Jack’s Mom, Micah’s wife and My Girl.  My Girl is almost 30 and to me more beautiful than ever..and she is one of the best MOMS ever.  As I watch her take care of my little men and her MAN,  I can only say “Thanks God” you are SO faithful. If you are new to the blog go back and read the post My Girl! Amanda

If you did not read this post, don’t miss my first real blog friend encounter.  TODAY LET’S CELEBRATE! ...the prayer request for Liz, my special ELF, has been answered. Her MRI showed nothing...This is my precious elf that I love so much. She has had two bouts with cancer, melanoma in the eye and then breast and she is YOUNG (early 30's)....this last month she had some symptoms that she could no longer ignore. After a visit to the original doctor that diagnosed her nine years ago and who told her she had months to live, he felt like this was a tumor in her brain. She now also has an adorable little Caroline who is 3. Elizabeth is one of the most FAITH FILLED gals I have ever tonight we CELEBRATE this GOOD REPORT. 
Another CELEBRATION is for CATHY and RICK and HEATHER....Her transplant is scheduled.  Talk about answered prayer. AND it was because ANOTHER BLOGGER read her plea.

This post may take me hours as it is the first time I have used the Windows Live Writer and have no clue what I am doing.  I just glanced at my dashboard and again stunned…One away from having 900 followers on this little GRAMMY blog….and almost 400 readers on the holiday blog, A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING (and look for some changes on that blog soon) as in a new look!   

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! 
As much time as I am working on  Christmas, I still do a little fall…Here is a little look at what I am going to put out tomorrow..   Blog Fall 011  Blog Fall 010 Blog Fall 009
When I get this all put together I will show you my new fall wreath.  I hope that will be right after Brett beats Miami tomorrow and right before the Manning boys take on each other..They are both a CLASS ACT!Blog Fall 013
Blog Fall 014
As a thanks to all my readers, it would not be a good day without a GIVEAWAY and a SMILE!
Blog Fall 008
A really neat FALL COFFEE TABLE book
I got at market!  It can be YOURS.  Also I won this book, READ IT, LOVED IT and now am going to give it to someone else…IT IS SANDI PATTY writing from her heart.

Blog Fall 012
TWO BOOK GIVEAWAYS and all you HAVE to do is leave a comment….That’s it.
Parker will draw Monday night. NOW for your SMILE….a picture Amanda got on her phone last night and this is what our FUNNY JACK said! 
          WOOK MOM, NO HANDS!

*****I checked out a new blog last night and today that blogger became my 900th follower.

I am so happy to meet Sissie and read her beautiful blog..SISSIE’S SHABBY COTTAGE!  Please stop by and see her….and she will be getting a goodie in the mail. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was a day I felt ugly, felt fat, maybe just a tad bit of depression, just struggling to get motivated on Christmas stuff...Maybe at least one of you have had those feelings before.  I was tired, had probably walked 5 miles from one end of market to another looking for one particular thing.  As I stepped on the elevator, the little lady sitting at the bottom checking to be sure only people with market tags around their necks got on, SMILED AT ME and said "You look so pretty and your skin is beautiful".  Now neither were true, but her compliment and smile changed my entire day. If that was NOT enough she then said how much she loved my outfit! (at least 3 years old)  I made a new commitment to make eye contact with people, and smile with a compliment. If we all did this, this cold
cynical world might change.

THESE next pictures have nothing to do with this post, just a little man that might make you smile! This was from Friday night when he spent the night with me

Thanks to each one of you for your  sweet words of encouragement.  I am fine...Just have several situations going on, none that I can do anything about other than pray. Nothing has changed with any of them, but getting away, even if it was to work on Christmas buying at market, has been better than sitting home and worrying about them...I can worry well!  I like to be able to FIX THINGS and these situations fall under the "not fixable" at least by me...I love a great hotel and I have spent the last four nights in one. There is something to be said for someone else making the bed, letting the dog out (the dog hotel at home), room service, and sleeping a lot. In the next day or so I am going to give you some MEGA EYE CANDY on the Holiday Blog.  Since I told you I would draw Sunday and it is now Monday night, I am going to wait until I see Parker on Thurs and giveaway two groups of ornaments instead of one, so all comments on this post will be included you still have time to comment or send a friend.  I picked up some gorgeous ORNAMENTS today. 

ONE OF THE MOST FUN THINGS to HAPPEN this weekend, was I met KRISTEN from KRISTEN'S CREATIONS.  I have bought things from her Etsy store, helped her plan a Disney trip, visited with her by email for months....we both decorate trees, but we had never met...I was in a showroom that I had not even planned to stop in and was DEEP in thought about a tree when I passed this beautiful girl, walked past and then thought "That looks like Kristen"
I knew she was at market, but had told her I was not going to be there..but really was not looking for her.  I thought by the time I got there she had probably already gone home to Arkansas.  So what do I do...I say her name...the worst thing that could have happened would she would not have turned and answered...BUT IT WAS HER.  I even got to see her again today and meet Sherry, her friend she works with.  I got a picture of us together yesterday, but I looked like Jack had put on my lipstick and it was just too bad to post.