Monday, January 9, 2012


*****Had to add this ....It is hot off the press...Game Day..Jack is READY

I have only known this for a few days,so little time to get ready.
Jack and I are going on a week vacation, leaving the end of this week.

I have FINALLY finished taking trees down (well not mine), totally exhausted, but so happy  to wrap up the season.
ELF Terris is hosting a WRAP party this week…then I will be packing for some COLD weather. 
We are going to CHICAGO, a city we have never been to. 
It is a city I have always wanted to visit. I am really looking forward to it.
It’s half business (will tell you more about that later) and half pleasure so am looking forward to some fun days.

 I cannot remember the last trip we took without a LITTLE.

I need those that have been there to send me shopping, dining, fun things to do and see SUGGESTIONS. 

This will be Jack’s first time to travel since his stroke,as in a long trip and flying. I would love for you to pray that he will not have any problems. He thinks I am crazy to be the least bit concerned, but I guess I will never feel quite as carefree.  
If you would rather email me than write in the comments my email is!

Look what my Amanda got this week…She had worn my Moms wedding ring the first four years of their marriage and this was Micah's Christmas gift to her.  He let her design it so she just got it Friday!  I am a so happy for her….(she does need to get her nails filled in)

amandas ring