Saturday, December 11, 2010


If you had told me in mid October, weeks after Jack’s stroke,  that I could make it through tree season…well I would have told you there was no way.   I DID!  I finished the last house late last night.  I did not miss a day of work, did not have a major break down, though there were days I was close.  I (and I use that word lightly since I have great elves) did four new houses, I did one of the biggest jobs ever, I had light problems, I had sore muscles, I had bleeding cuts all over my hands, I had all the normal tree decorating problems at one time or another,  I had days that I no longer felt up for the job…But we FINISHED..and there has never been a season I have been so happy to be finished.  I have a lot of favorites, but my most favorite tree this year just may be the one we finished with yesterday.  Pictures are coming on the holiday blog soon.  It was everything I do not like to do.  I like fake trees, this was a real tree.  I like white lights, this was colored lights (bulbs),  I like perfectly shaped loaded trees.  This was anything but perfectly shaped and we did not put a ribbon on it. I hate to see light cords and you could see everyone on this tree.  But as I walked out of this gorgeous house after spending the day with a family I love, I looked back in the foyer and saw the most gorgeous tree with all its imperfections.  I could get very deep and tell you how much this parallels   my life recently, but I am too tired to get that deep. 
My house is decorated, most of my gifts are bought and wrapped. That is only because I buy all through the year and the rest I ordered online.
I am going to sleep a few days, get some color on my hair, write my Christmas letter and then have some fun with the little's.  We are going to take a short trip next week with the little's and their parents to see ICE at the Gaylord Texan.  Priceline was extra good to me and gave me one of my favorite five star hotels for 50 a night.  Their website list the rooms at 199 a night…and the best part is that you can see the lights all over Dallas from this hotel.  Ten weeks out from a stroke that almost took his life, Jack is ready to travel.  A miracle.  A Christmas Miracle.
Christmas lights are magical to me…this year they are more beautiful than ever. 
Tonight Jack is spending the night while his Mom and Dad have a date.  He and I will lay on the floor and name all the ornaments on all the trees, we will make hot chocolate, we will laugh at funny snowmen, we will read a few Christmas books, we will rearrange his nativity and we will celebrate. Celebrate the magic of Christmas.  Look for  some cute pictures of my little man.   
The winner of the card box is NEZZY at Cow Patty Surprise…she has the greatest blog…stop by and say hello.  Thanks for all the blog names you sent me.  I am looking forward to visiting each one.
Parker 4

Monday, December 6, 2010


I just posted the winner of the CARD BOX along with  a new post on my
HOLIDAY BLOG.  Will be back here to post later in the week…I am hoping to catch up on many of your blogs tomorrow. 
amanda and Jack
 THE WONDER OF IT ALL!!!!      Only through the EYES of a LITTLE. 
JUST HAD A THOUGHT…I have been away from reading blogs for two plus months….I love finding new blogs…Tell me about one of your favorites and we will have another drawing on FRIDAY for another card box….Your name goes in this GIVEAWAY…and I WANT YOU TO WIN…