Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A day filled with frustration, a scary day beyond belief.

No way I can possibly answer each one of you but your words and prayers have literally kept us sane today. Jacks blockage appears to be 100 percent at least that's what the cat scans show...We have had 4.

He needs an MRI but cannot have one because he had a back surgery 20 something years ago and has a bone stimulator in his stomach that I had even forgotten about....

Well today it was VERY IMPORTANT because an MRI is better for a vascular surgeon to see if it is 95, 96, 97 or whatever blockages....Every point matters...Like life or death matters maybe...

You can imagine I am bawling my eyes out as I type.. This has been my man for 41 years. And then up pops a message a minute ago from a kid who is now a man that we love like our son...He  lives in Washington D.C. and is a Marine.   He is the BEST of the BEST. He loves Coach so much...and this is what he said to me when I explained to him our situation and that Jack was so calm.

So I will just quote Mike 

Ms. Teresa,
 "The back thing tends to complicate matters. Well, Coach ought to have a pretty good line on knowing WHO is in control. He's been face down in a hotel room for hours waiting on help. This is probably pretty easy.

So I am going to sleep a few hours on that... Please keep praying.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It is 4 AM and I may not have a reader left. 

My blogging has been so sporadic that I would certainly understand that.  Many of you are my Facebook friends so you already know this.  But in my book, there is NO SUCH THING as too much prayer. 

Jack had a stroke today. 

I am just getting home from the hospital for a few hours.  We think it was a minor one but has had several episodes in the last few months. I say episodes as we are not sure what has happened.  There will be some tests tomorrow checking his carotid artery and some other things.  

Maybe we just need a new med.  That's my prayer.  He had been doing so good.  

On this same day I found out one of my tree customers of 15 years died its been one horrible day.  I am still shaking.  

So I ask that you pray and I will update tomorrow night....I promise....

Amanda's family was at the beach last week so I will share a few pictures that bring a smile to my face.

Jack Having Some ME TIME
Jack and ELLA SUE (LSU)

Another day where I was reminded that LIFE CAN CHANGE IN A MOMENT