Thursday, June 16, 2011


All I can tell you is grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or read this in parts.  For some reason I cannot do a short post. 
Just when I think I will only post a few pictures I remember I am doing this to record life. 
And life is more than a few pictures. I envy those bloggers that can post daily and do short posts.  It just does not work for me. 
When I signed off last we were in Dallas dropping Parker off for his Washington D C trip. 
Guess what?  We were still there 12 days later.  It was one of the cheapest (as vacations go) most fun vacations we have done in a long time. 
We had no agenda.  We had a five star hotel for under $50 a night. 

I am a Priceline junkie and this was one of my better deals. 
A few days after Parker left, Amanda and Jack decided to come to Dallas while Micah was on a business trip. 
She stayed a few days and we shopped and had fun with Jack and then we all surprised Parker at the airport. 
He had a wonderful trip and many stories…but I can’t say much for his pictures.  The event coordinator sent us an email each day loaded with pictures of what the kids did the day before, so we did know what they were doing and could find Parker everyday.

We are so glad that he had the opportunity to go and now he is an alumni and is already invited to Boston next summer. For some reason a 5th grade alumni is funny to me.

Amanda headed home the next day to work on school work and we decided to spend another four days of fun with the boys.

We spent an entire day at LEGOLAND and ended that day with a fun meal at the Rainforest Cafe…(almost made us feel close to the Mouse) 

Below are just some snapshots from the week and I could write a story to go with each one. I won’t! PROMISE!

Just like Bandaids
Jack told me he  just liked band aids…no reason for one


Parker arriving at DFW to his little buddy!

Jack Dallas 3
Jack and his mom having a little IPAD time!

Sometimes only a Diet Coke will do
Sometimes only a Diet Coke will do!

Woody with Woody
Woody and Woody waiting on Parker to come through the gate


Imagination at its BEST!

cool Jack

Enough said!

Love that SMILE


hotel 5


Hotel 2

Wonder what he is thinking?

hotel 8

Decisions, decisions….I want one of each….and then he remembered he was with “the grandparents”!  no problem

A Great 3D movie at LEGOLAND

We headed back to the hotel to watch the basketball finals. What a great series between the Heat and the Mavericks.  We had spent the entire week in Maverick land. 

The city of Dallas was electric.

So we spent the entire 12 days sleeping, swimming, eating at new places…a little shopping, renting movies, and planning everyday doing whatever sounded like fun. 
Some days it was just staying at the hotel.
Amanda got a chance to have some Mom time at the Galleria shopping, getting a manicure and pedicure..she has been studying so hard that we are always happy when we can give her some free time.  this is a funny picture below.
In and Out Burgers has opened in Dallas and the wait even in the drive thru was 40 minutes.  This was Jacks opinion of that and who wanted a stupid hat anyway.

The last part of our trip was one of the most special. 

We decided to drive an hour out of the way and stop at the hotel where Jack had his stroke.
We wanted the boys to have a chance to say “thanks for saving our Pop”! 

I went in first to see if the lady that went to his room and told me something told her to get the door down…someone needed help and needed it now, was at work.

When I walked in I immediately knew the sweet girl at the front.
She had greeted Amanda and me many nights after long days at the hospital wanting to know how Jack was doing. 
She said Priscilla was off but the manager was there.
He had also been there and came out to talk to the kids.
Parker was so grown up when he walked over and shook his hand and said “thanks”! 

Talk about a Kodak moment.
Then the receptionist came out of the back and  said she had called Priscilla and she wanted us to wait.  She was on her way to the hotel. 

She walked in and literally embraced Jack for what seemed like an hour.  The last time she had seen him he was very close to death. What a sweet reunion. 
I got a few pictures through the tears.
Hotel 3

hotel 4

Dallas 2

We are now back home.  It is so hot here that I have to have a good reason to leave the house. 
I have several sites I want you to visit.
First my head elf, Terri, has opened an ETSY shop.  She has some great things.  I am hoping she will do a post on the holiday blog next week. 
The name is MilandDil Designs.
Also stop by this great new blog, Vicki’s Foodies, especially if you are doing Weight Watchers.

These two blogs are prayer requests….
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and then what may be a new blog to you…
Amie Hayes Dockery
She is a someone I know thru some friends.  She is a young Mom, a gifted writer, a pastor in Dallas and another example that life changes in a moment.
If you are still with me you are a trooper. Woody aka Jack says thanks for reading to the end.

Jack Hotel