Friday, December 2, 2011


If you missed this post, be sure and start there and see the beautiful pictures of the Hinton home.  This post will be full of more pictures of the same home.

 I guess I better share that I am
out of commission for several weeks. 

After seventeen years of no injuries, yesterday that changed.  We were at one of my longtime dear friends and clients and I had gone to the garage to put some empty boxes to take to the attic.  Just a normal thing we do everyday. 

We were about 50% finished with the house.  Somehow I missed the step that went down into the garage and in trying to break my fall ( I did fall) I turned my ankle or so I thought. 

I came back in the house, not in much pain, and went back to work on the tree.  I  casually said "Dang I fell in the garage" and at that point I had not even looked at my ankle.  We all looked at the same time and all felt instant nausea. It looked U.G.L.Y.

  It looked like I had a 10 pound tumor on my ankle and it was continuing to swell and turn blue.  Fortunately for me we were working at an orthopedic surgeons home.  He came home a few minutes later and checked it out...

I was still working on the tree and determined to keep working until he said I was going to the ER as in NOW

He called ahead to another orthopedist and he met me at the hospital.  Bill was thinking I might need surgery and maybe a pin put in...Not what I wanted to hear...

Long story short, it was not broken but a 4th degree sprain and some torn tendons and ligaments.

I have a soft cast to my knee for 10 days and then a walking boot for 3 weeks...Do the math! That means through Christmas.  We are down to 5 houses and the elves are totally able to do them...

I am going to work on one next week on a limited basis..I sure have new empathy for those on crutches...I really am horrible walking on them.  Today was the first tree I ever missed during a tree season

So I will be fine, I will be frustrated ( I cannot drive for a month) I will probably do things I am not suppose to, I will whine, I will do all my shopping online, and I will be so thankful when elves show up to decorate my house.  So that's the story and it is what it is.

Now enjoy more shots from this beautiful house. 

more pics:)

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Monday, November 28, 2011


This is going to be a post in several parts.  This is our biggest project of the year and we have lots of pictures..These are friends of mine and a special family...The title of the post says it all.  Love Lives Here. 
It is a unique house filled with be watching for more pictures in the next day or so. You will not believe how many BIG trees we do in one house....Welcome to the Hinton House.

at least 100 more pictures from this home coming.....