Sunday, October 23, 2011


It is very late on Saturday night and the last thing I need to be doing  is blogging.  My “to do” list is two legal pages long.  I have about 20 tree emails to answer…a full plate

I just made me a cup of Island Coconut coffee and decided I had been thinking about a post all day, so the to do list could wait.

We have finished two houses that took a LONG time and we have another huge house tomorrow AND my legs are screaming.  (as in drugs screaming and rubbed down with bio-freeze)

Even after doing trees for almost twenty years I still forget how the first week is getting your legs back under you.  That probably only makes sense to a tree decorator.
I have a giant bruise on my hand from bending my little finger back last night…I feel bunged up after 2 days.
But that’s not the post….
Not even sure why this is on my mind except that  the day before I started trees I did something I still can’t believe I did.

We drove a couple of hours to see one of my dearest friends.  Oh, how I wish there had been more hours to stay. 
Jack and  Jack aka Woody went with me…For the most part Woody was a wild man but I am so head over heels in love with him that his antics hardly move my needle.   Plus I am his Grammy. 

He had been with me most of the week while Amanda and Micah moved. (he is not good moving help)
He had made me laugh so hard and given me a thousand kisses, so he could get by with almost anything.
He is just a free spirit

While he and Pop watched  TV and ate all the fabulous goodies Pat served them…
She and I set in two green leather recliners,  drank wine and caught up on life.  She gave me a foot massage and then a head massage and then a (pre-tree) shoulder massage (that’s a friend)…and it was heaven.

She told me about her mission trip to China where she cut 20 heads of hair a day…She is an awesome hair stylist.  That is how we met 25 years ago. 
Her clients get their hair done, their make up touched up, lipstick applied and then a shoulder massage.  That’s her trademark.

We talked about kids,  about life, deep stuff, funny stuff.   We  laughed and hugged and wished we lived next door. 
I was reminded again why I love her so. 
She is the hostess with the hostess and every visitor she has feels like they are the most special person on earth.
If you are reading this Pat, you are a gift to every person that calls you friend.

We had fabulous soup, chicken salad, coconut cake, wonderful coffee..all served as only Pat serves…with love and flair.

I came home with some goodies for me and some for Amanda's new house. 
I forgot to mention she is my favorite decorator of all times.
On the way home, I am beginning to move into panic mode as I think about all I did not have done. 
I have a new iPhone 4 and so I got that and my Ipad out and was going to update them.  That would be making good use of a couple of hours on the road.  I updated Facebook and somehow an entire new look came up on my Ipad. 

I have 1000 plus friends on FB and that’s nothing to brag about, (I am not that great of a friend) but we have just lived a lot of places, coached a lot of kids.
I hit friends and instead of a list coming up, the faces of everyone came up…like in  nice big sizes..

I started scrolling through and was overwhelmed at all the people that I loved…how my path in this thing “called life” had crossed with all these people.

I took a trip down memory lane…It was so sweet. Many people I know  better than others…

Some I have years of history with.  Some I only know from the blogging world. 
Some I know because they are friends of my kids, some from my childhood (which was a thousand years ago)! 

It was one of the best ways to use those two hours…Just realizing I know some very special people and being thankful.  Try it and take your own memory trip.

Amanda and Micah are all moved in.  I have been little help with tree season here,  but hope to get a day soon to help her…

This will be the picture of the week.  Dana kept Jack (Woody)  today and tonight.  He and Gray are having a slumber party.

Greg not only married a beautiful wife, he married ONE BRAVE WOMAN.
This is  Hobby Lobby and a picture she sent us today…Gray and Jack in Hobby Lobby!  Enough said!

Dana is one BRAVE lady.  Jack and Gray in Hobby Lobby

I am not a big baseball fan, but I love the World Series…..

Scotty McCrerry made me so proud singing the  National Anthem a few nights ago.

I was so impressed with him just singing the song and not adding anything…Totally loved it. 

Have a great week.  I will be under a tree or on top of a ladder or in a bathtub of HOT WATER.