Thursday, April 2, 2009


Parker and his baby brother.
Can you feel the love?

Parker and his "Cuz" Austin

Parker of my favorite pictures

Parker at Disney

Along came a boy...not just any boy, but a little boy that would totally rock our world. You will have to read the post about "My Girl" to first meet Parker. From that May day in 1999 until today, when we are a month away from him being 10, everyday has been special. Parker and his Mom lived with us the first six years of his life. He has always been his Pop's best little buddy and "the best thing that ever happened to me"! That is something I tell him everyday of his life.

We have had the great privilege to be able to travel with him....We call them Grandparent trips...We have taken him to Disneyland, Disney World seven times, spent a week in New York City with him, have even done a week in Las Vegas with the our little man. We have traveled to Sante Fe, Gatlinburg, and many other places. ...Grandparents will travel!
And they will buy you anything you "just look at" and act like you want! The best part of Parker's story is, somehow we have still have a sensitive, caring, non bratty, appreciative, super FUN little boy.

Parker has had the opportunity to travel with his Pop on many
athletic trips. He has met some great athletes, college and professional football players, even got to spend some private time with Shaq a few years ago. We are firm believers that travel is the best education! But he is also an excellent student, so we do not have to worry about him missing school.
He is a master at video games, Wii, and somehow has accumulated all of the different gaming systems. Wonder how? This is a blessed and loved little guy. He is the Best Big brother to Jack and Austin (his Cuz) is his very best friend. They have cousins camp often.

I never dreamed on the day Amanda told us she was pregnant, that one little baby would change our world in such a big way. I could write a book on our 10 year adventure, but will save some details for other posts. So meet Parker, ONE AWESOME BOY!

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