Sunday, October 16, 2011


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One of my first blog posts in Feb of 2009 was entitled “My Girl”
Since then  I have written numerous posts about my girl.  Here, here, here, here and here.

 I  don’t expect you to go and read these, but if you are new to the blog, you can catch up sometime. 
For a lot of reasons I don’t think you can  say “I am PROUD” too many times to your child.  I never heard that one time in my life. 

Most of you  know Amanda as Our Girl, the Mom of the BABY THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING, mom to Jack aka Woody, wife to Micah, sister to Greg, sister-in-law to Dana, aunt to Austin and Gray.

Some of you know her as my girl that  had a baby her senior year in high school and is the greatest testament to the fact that an 18 year old single girl can be the GREATEST of Moms.
I get emails often from Moms that need to know how we did it and what they can do to survive teenage pregnancy.  I have a lot of suggestions but that’s not the purpose of this post…Email me if you need to talk.

That gift Amanda gave us that May in 1999 was the greatest gift we ever received. 
Fast forward to today…when that gift from 1999 is 12…and his Mom will be 31 tomorrow.

She is happily married to the man of her dreams, She is his QUEEN. 
She has a love affair with two little men that others envy, is a full time nursing school student making all A’s, moving into the most beautiful new house this week. She has a husband that not only adores her but  loves Parker like his own. 
When I watch them together, I just have to whisper a prayer of thanks…

He has invested more time in fun things with Parker than I ever dreamed possible. There is no doubt in my mind that their relationship was God ordained…

Daily I see Micah teaching him how to be a man.  Then there is Jack, our wild and funny boy.  Thank you Amanda  for another incredible gift.  This past year on hard days, he has made me laugh.  His hugs are priceless…I guess he got that from his Dad.

Here is a glimpse of Amanda's life today!!!!!!!

    aMANDA 39

amanda 9

amanda 8                          Amanda and Micah

micah and am                    
             amanda 31
     Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!!!
 Amanda is a name derived from    Latin, meaning "worthy of love."

I don’t think there is anything in life more rewarding than watching your own child raise amazing kids.

The winner of the giveaway is Debbie at Mama Bears Thoughts! Congratulations to you.