Friday, June 26, 2009

My Boy Holds His Boy

Grayson is improving each day. He is a little jaundice and still has to learn to eat and breath at the same time.....Seems he is so eager to eat that he forgets to take a breath......but the improvement that has happened over the last 72 hours is a miracle. This little man is going to be fine and will probably go home early next week.
This is our little MIRACLE baby!
A Kodak Moment....for this Mom..

Greg holding Grayson for the first time.....
a dream come true for him

Is that the sweetest little face?
He is a little doll and getting healthier each day.
One of the sweetest moments EVER! ...and the answer to so many of this Mother's prayers !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Mom Meets Her Boy

A Magical Moment....

No words are necessary!
A Very Proud and Thankful Mom and Dad

Today has been a good day...I am so tired but so happy that as I go to sleep tonight, Grayson is sleeping in the NICU with no IV's, no tubes...drinking from a bottle and even has his hair combed.

And guess who just came from spending several hours with him.... I even got to rock him tonight......even talked to him about our first visit to meet Mickey. Rocking babies just happens to be one of my most very favorite things IN THE WORLD to do.

But the special part of today was Grayson and his Mom. Though Dana probably left the hospital a little early from a C-Section and was in a lot of pain, nothing was going to keep her another day from her boy. You can see the reunion in the pictures. I can't seem to write about it without the tears I will just let the pictures speak for me. She was the first one to rock him ....I will post some of those pictures tomorrow. We all encouraged her to go home and rest and not come back to the hospital tonight. We live very close to the hospital the baby is in,(Greg and Dana live 45 minutes away)so I went back and stayed with him tonight. What a sweet privilege. I feel like Dana will be much stronger tomorrow and can spend more time holding him. He is a little jaundice, but when that is better this boy is heading home and that may be in the next 3 or 4 days. What a miracle.

The NICU nurses are THE BEST...I cannot say enough good things about them. Tonight our family goes to sleep so thankful to God for healing our little man....and with much gratitude to each of you for praying.
I have fallen madly in love with this little guy...
Grayson looks so much like Greg's baby pictures

Good night sweet Grayson ...Looks like he has had his hair styled.

Just a Quick Note

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I had intended to post last night and I just crashed. I woke up 9 hours later..
I am on my way to the hospital in just a few minutes but wanted to let you know that the news is all GOOD. The hole in his lung has closed up without any chest tube....his breathing is much better, he is getting a little food through a feeding tube and the BEST news of all is he is going to get to meet his Mom in just a few hours...She may even get to hold him later today! Dana is being released by noon today and will be on her way across town to get her hands on her little man.
We have all spent lots of time talking to him and telling him how beautiful his Mom is...he will get to see for himself today...If he will open his EYES. I will try to post some HAPPY PICTURES tonight. Again, my deepest thanks to all my new friends that have prayed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please Pray

Grayson in the NICU hard to leave him....
I think that he is not a happy camper
I have already fallen madly in love with this little guy I would love to write a pretty post tonight, but just need to ask you to I am just going to copy and paste a FB update and will write a better post soon.

What began as a normal day, became anything but.... Dana's labor was progressing very slow and around 12:30, Grayson's heart rate dropped significantly and within a matter of minutes they did an emergency C-Section. He was a good 7lb 8oz little boy but his heart rate was very fast so they rushed him to the nursery to assess him without her even getting to see him. It appeared that after several hours he was breathing better but each time they took the oxygen hood off his levels dropped (an episode is what they called it)..Dana had a really bad reaction to the anesthesia so she was in recovery for a long time...just a rough afternoon for late afternoon the pediatrician came by and said they were going to watch him overnight and keep him in the nursery under the "hood"! Within an hour that all changed and they decided he needed to be moved across town to the new state of the art NICU. Many of you know we spent more than enough time their with Baby Jack 17 months ago. By this time Dana realized he had a problem and it broke her heart not to see him...
Greg and I met the ambulance at WK South and were able to spend about an hour with him in the NICU. He is precious.
Its after midnight and I am not sure I have even made a complete sentence..Baby Grayson is stable. They have him sedated to give his little body some time to rest and heal. We spent time with the neonatologist late tonight. He was encouraging that Gray is going to be OK but he is a sick little one tonight.
He has a collapsed lung and a small hole in his lung that hopefully will close up on its own. There is a lot more the doctor told us but I am afraid I will get the terminology wrong.....and what really matters is that the his little lung just get better.
So my prayer request tonight is that Dana and Greg would get some good rest....and that tomorrow we will get a good report on this sweet baby.
Thank you to all of you that called, texted, emailed and most of all prayed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stay tuned...this is baby day....

Looks like Baby Grayson is going to take his time. Dana is hopefully going to get an epidural SOON. This has been a long morning. Thanks for praying.....

Stop by later today and I hope to have some pictures of our new grandson....They just got to the hospital and Dana will be induced early in the morning.....This is an exciting day for us, as Dana and Greg have wanted a baby for so long. They have experienced miscarriages, etc and really did not know if this day would ever happen. Please pray for a healthy baby and an easy delivery.