Monday, January 21, 2013


That is probably the worst title I have ever had for a post since I began blogging!!!

FIRST OFF the Winner of the Card box is Janet at Gray Cardigan!    

I am finally finished taking down trees, well all but mine....

I have so many cute pictures....but for some reason for two weeks blogger will not let me load pictures...

ANYONE ELSE having trouble? or SUGGESTIONS for what I might me at  I am so frustrated fooling with it.  I will send you a box of cards if someone can give me some tips.  I have
never had a problem before. 

So excited that two brothers are going to meet in the SUPER BOWL.  Neither were my original teams, but I think it will be a great game...The play off games were so good.

Even though I have not blogged recently I have been reading blogs and so enjoyed catching up. 

Of course I have been pinning... and have just a few pins....almost 100,000!  It is such a relaxing thing to me. 

I spent most of December sick with bronchitis.  I took mega meds. A couple of weeks ago Terri, my ELF, and I were both looking for ways to get healthier and did some study on juicing..

For the past 7 days I have been on a juice fast (she is on her 9th day) and I am not hungry.  Never in my life have I had cravings just leave. I have not been hungry and have had more energy than in months.  I have had one meal in  seven days. If you knew me well, you would know that is a miracle.  So I am encouraged I may have found something to get some fruits and vegetables in my body in mass.  
I hesitated about even blogging about it, but I know so many people juicing in some form or another, that  I decided it might be something you have some tips on.

My doctor even took me off a blood pressure pill today and we are going to relook at it in three months.

In a week we celebrate Jack's 5th birthday.  I still miss the kids everyday.  I guess I always will.  He is having a SUPER HERO PARTY at the cutest place in HOUSTON. 


Have a great week!!