Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I hope I can stay awake long enough to type this.   FOUR more days to get in the ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY.

So comment again and you will get another chance.
We have just finished up a marathon few days in another town…
As in you would not believe all we did in 48 hours.  Just Terri and I travel. 
We had the weekend all mapped out….Get a little rest and sleep in on Sat and leave in time to get to the first house around lunch.
This happens to be the sweetest gal, a girl my sons age and someone we love spending time with.
We had already planned our slumber party.
Tree decorating, wine and LSU football.  She threw in some great EATS.  I will even share two new recipes with you that were the BEST.  (next post)
We were almost to her house and I called her only to find out her 2 year old had burned her leg on the stove and she was gone to get a script filled.
(her husband was 10 hours away), but is a doctor and knew what Sage needed.

We arrive at her house, start unpacking ornament boxes, trees, garland, ready to go full speed. 
I pulled open a black trash bag with a tree in it AND things changed.

Out jumped a Mouse/Rat!  It did not matter to us what you called it. 
It hit the floor running and sounded like it weighed 50 pounds.  (probably weighed 3) 
I had no idea that mice were Amberly’s greatest phobia….mine would be snakes, but none of us were interested in seeing the MOUSE and I do not mean MICKEY.
You will have to just imagine this….This is a HUGE GORGEOUS house….

I ran in the laundry room and jumped on the washer, Terri ran outside and was standing on the car in the garage and Amberly holding Sage jumped on the kitchen counter (bruising her ankle) all of us screaming.  It was a reality show at its best.  NOW WHAT?

We had no clue where it went. Her pest control man just had a message machine.
We then called 1_800 Terminex and they said call back Monday….that would not work.

We had the broom, flashlights, alternating between laughing and feeling like crying….

There was no way I was sticking my hand down in my stuff because it had all been in open containers and the “creature could be in one of the boxes”!
Amberly could not get to her
phone so I finally came out of the laundry room and rescued her phone…while Terri was going door to door in this very prestigious neighborhood trying to find a man to help us. 
Amberly called everyone she knew..no one home.  Terri found one man home and he said he could not help us as he had an abscess tooth. Remember that excuse if someone ever wants you to help catch a RAT!  At this point we still thought it was.

Finally she decided to call her husbands partner and see if he could get him to come help us. 
Ran him down and he agreed…By this time we are 3 hours late getting started on the decorating.  Terri and I decided to start on the tree by standing on the stairs where we could at least have a good view if the “rat” was near us…

All of a sudden we hear this scream and heard Amberly say “He is running straight for me”! 

Now we knew he was at least in the master bedroom and headed either for the closets or the bathroom….
So one of us stood guard to make sure it did not try to exit before her friend arrived…

In the meantime her dogs got out…It was getting funnier by the minute.  Our hero arrives, gets on his hands and knees and crawls all over the area we think it is in…NOTHING….Looks like Hampton Inn hear we come.
If the animal was not caught we were not sleeping there.
At this point we are starving and looking for the WINE. 
Getting more behind by the minute…FINALLY, I hear “HE FOUND IT”! 

Guess where ….in  the toilet paper holder in the master bathroom…and it was not huge…but it was a MOUSE. 
So the ordeal was over and we proceeded to the wine and decorating and it was a LONG LATE night.  LSU got a win….and we were mouse free!
We finished the next day and then headed to the next house.  Came home yesterday tired beyond words…
But we did it and at our age that it a BIG DEAL. This is Amberly and Sage.

amberly ands sage

So that’s our story of the weekend….Tree decorating really is full of funny stories. 

Ok, get your comments in and have an extra chance to win the ornaments..