Thursday, July 5, 2012


Our entire family is headed to Gulf Shores tomorrow for eight days.  

NEVER have I needed beach peace more.    

I am going to try and post from the beach and get back to a normal schedule.

               CAN YOU SAY HANDSOME?

                                      GRAY on the FOURTH

               CAN YOU SAY PRECIOUS?

And a little perk that I am so excited about...  I am going to have lunch and see FACE to FACE, KAT!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Its midnight and I made it through the day.    I thought about blogging about the fires in Colorado, Obamacare, my trip to Christmas market, Gray turning 3 but tonight only one thing is on my heart

Today was the official day that Amanda and her family moved to Houston.  She will be back and forth for several months.
Plus we all leave on vacation on Thursday so I know I will see them again soon.  That softens the blow, but just the fact that they took more than a suitcase  made me hurt all over.

Jack has been with us the last three days and I have gotten hundreds of hugs and kisses.  He has gotten anything he wanted.

When I feel the tears about to spill I head for the other room so he won't ask me what is wrong.  How do you tell a four year old he is moving to another state and taking my heart with him. 

 (Parker is at the beach with his dad this week)
Amanda and Micah have had great friends give them going away parties. 
I could not bring myself to give Jack one. 

This is Amands best friend since preschool

Through thick and thin they have stayed BEST FRIENDS!!  I know that will never change.

I have talked to all those that have always lived away from their kids and grandkids, those that have much bigger problems, those that seeing their "little's "a couple of times a year is plenty.
(I am not one of those)   That's their reality.  Mine is quite different.

For 13 years Parker has been my life and for Jack's four years of life he has held my heart in his hands.  Jack was born soon after both my parents died.  He became synonymous with JOY.  I still cannot imagine my day to day life without him. 

I know there will be some that read this and think "If she only knew what problems were?"  I get that. 

I am also a person that is not crazy about change.  If life is anything, it is change.  I must do a better job of living with it.  I will miss Amanda so much.  We have lived close all her life. 

Enough about me....

Crew is in much need of prayer.  He has all kinds of things going on but mainly his kidneys.  He will be having a surgery this next week.  Marie is emotionally and physically exhausted. 

On a lighter note, my number one ELF, Terri....will launch her new website tomorrow..I hope you will get a chance to stop by.

She has worked so hard on in it and has so many creative ideas. 

I have been stopping by and reading blogs, but have been very bad at leaving comments.  Please forgive me.  Thanks for all the sweet comments you have sent me.  I am going to do better at leaving comments....PROMISE.  

We leave for the beach the middle of this week and I will be gone for 10 days.  I will post pictures of all the "little's"! 

Happy Sunday!