Thursday, April 4, 2013




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Many times over my blogging years I have come to you and ask for prayer for ASHLEY.  She has never needed more than right now. 

This is a blogger that lives close to me and I have had a chance to meet. Trish is amazing Mom.   

I am not going to try and retype all her she said tonight.  Please read it here.   

I am hoping to get an update on Crew soon...He seems to be thriving. He got his helmet and now they are just waiting for upcoming surgery. 

Many have emailed me about the juicing.  I have not missed a day in almost 12 weeks.  It has become a life style change.  My taste buds have changed.  Not sure on the weight loss but plus 20.  I am only weighing once a month.  My husband weighed 201 this last week and that's the least he has weighed since before college football days...and that was a LONG TIME AGO. 
Also don't forget to go by and visit my friend who is a new blogger...Martha  She is so full of wisdom and I think a little discouraged about blogging...I want her to stay.  She is a jewel.  Tell you what, you go by and leave her an encouraging message and then email me at and I will send you a mini card package.