Thursday, February 16, 2012


And  the winner….of the card box is
MOM TO EIGHT! Stop by her blog…What a fun blog. 

Another week of RANDOM.

The  title of this post comes from the Whitney's song that I have heard so many times this week…

It has always been a song I loved, but this week is spoke something different to me…It was like God saying to me
“I will always love you”! 

Hum or sing those few lines and think about it as a love song from your Lord.   Totally overwhelms me.
This week started with Greg’s birthday…As he gets older, I get older…so I ask him to try and hold off on the  birthdays.

Greg and Dana on trip

Greg and his boys

This is the note I sent him on FB and his reply…..


Today I have been reliving all the years we have grown up together.
So many things I love about you...the way you have cared about Dad these past 16 months, your love and commitment to Dana, your hands on (even hover) of your kids.
Never has there been a more fun Dad and Uncle.

Your work ethic makes me so proud. It made
Gramps proud and that makes me smile.

You are the best brother...I can remember all the times you were there for Amanda and then Parker.
You are generous to a fault.

Many times I have been the recipient of your generosity.
I love that you can speak from your heart.

One of the greatest gifts you ever gave me was to speak at both Meme and Gramps funerals. The way you honored them made us all proud.
Gray looks so much like you at his age now. I feel like I am seeing the double of the little blond boy that made me a Mom.

I even love the way that you are a terrible liar. Your smile/smirk gives you away every time.

By now you are another year older. Ouch. That makes me so old. But again I am so thankful that God chose you as MY BOY!.

Greg's reply
  • Thanks mom. You still know just the things to say to make an 'almost' grown man cry.
  • It is an honor to be your son. I am proud to be so much like you in so many ways and to be just like my dad in so many others.
  • Thank you for the great life...
    Dad and you provided for Amanda and I.
  • I know the sacrifices made were many and the road was tough to get me to where I am now.
  • I Love and Cherish you always! You are the greatest!!
    Love your son,

  • and then he posted this….
  • I was sitting here just evaluating life.....
  • I may not be the smartest  or the best looking or the best anything for that matter, but I have come to the ultimate conclusion...
  • I am the LUCKIEST man I know, because I have the World's most wonderful wife and the World's 2 greatest sons! God has truly blessed me. Thank you God for my many blessing!!
A Mother’s heart smiles and tears fall. 

More random…Jack starts his new job officially tomorrow.  He is going to be a medical salesman for the second largest wound care company in the world. 
He is so excited that he can hardly sleep. He has his clothes all laid out like the first day of school. 
His supervisor is a lovely lady we spent lots of time with in Chicago and she is here for three days.
We had a fabulous dinner tonight at Ernest's Orleans Restaurant.
Marinated crab claws, trout almondine,  twice baked potatoes, fabulous bread, and bananas foster….D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S!!!!!

I think it is so neat to make a new friend, one you feel like you have known forever.
For those of you who have been a reader awhile…you know what a miracle Jack is.

Sixteen months ago, working again was the last thing we ever dreamed of.  We were praying for walking, talking, driving, living.   I love that old song that says, I Stand in Awe of You.

Last night was my first night in Beth Moore’s study of James.  How Beth speaks to  my heart.

An update on Crew.  His surgery has been rescheduled for Feb 23, so next Thursday. (another miracle)
They will enter the hospital five days early to be sure he is infection free….Oh, how they need your prayers…for strength, energy, their other children, and on and on….you will not waste an email of encouragement to this young Mom.

Have a great week…