Saturday, August 7, 2010


****GUESS I BETTER PUT A DISCLAIMER HERE...IF YOU DO NOT LIKE FOOTBALL would be better if you skipped this post...If you do not like BRETT FAVRE, you for sure should skip to the last post or head to another blog...
I had plans to finish blogging about our
Parker Get Away this past week and I will....probably on Sunday. We are home, had a blast, worn out, playing catch up from being gone for 5 days.....unloading all the NEW CHRISTMAS stuff I got at market, and on and on....Tonight we took a night off and had dinner and a card night with Micah and Amanda.
But here is the CRAZY...and if you are not a football lover you will not get it. This has been a stressful week in MY football world...I woke up in the hotel to a ESPN tweet Tuesday morning...saying my favorite player was DONE! Could not decide if I should go to market or stay by the if me staying would make it NOT SO....I will admit it was pretty much all I thought about all day. My kids called to see if MOM was OK. Turns out nothing that was BIG NEWS that day was really any news at all..
So I am still believing that when the Saints and Vikings line up on the first Thursday night in September, #4 will be behind center. Enough BRETT...
This is a weekend I look forward to all year....The induction of great athletes into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I may be the only women on earth that watches the shows leading up to all the speeches and then the post shows...I will agree its a little weird. I love it. I love their stories...This year
Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice are both being inducted. I was never a HUGE COWBOY fan, but have always been a big EMMITT fan....I had taped a show today on ESPN that was Emmitt's road to Canton...and just finished watching it...He went back to his old high school in Florida and really relived his life from the projects to Canton, Ohio. Bawled my eyes glad that I am the only one still awake...its 2AM! I love a story of overcoming the odds.
I loved Emmitt scoring touchdowns, I loved Emmitt on Dancing With the Stars, and after watching this show tonight, I love him EVEN MORE. So tomorrow will find me glued to the TV watching some great football players being honored.

This is actually NO SALES TAX, back to school weekend in our town, so I am thinking about buying me a new laptop in the morning..I feel like I am on a SEARCH for the perfect notebook.

I also have a DATE with a little man named JACK, AKA WOODY, tomorrow night, while his Mom and Dad have a date. Parker is out of town and my man is going on a short trip. So it will be me, Jack, Woody and Buzz tomorrow night. I bought him a WOODY outfit while we were in DALLAS...and he loves he has his first real WOODY.

It is the sweetest thing to hear him carrying on a conversation between Woody and Buzz....He has QUITE the IMAGINATION!

If you were a BOOK WINNER,we shipped today. The Post Office LOVES ME....AND JUST BECAUSE I BOUGHT ONE MORE COPY....MONDAY NIGHT PARKER WILL DRAW FOR ONE MORE COPY OF "IN A HEARTBEAT"! And along with that will come a little piece of jewelry that I picked up at market..All you need to do is leave a comment..THAT'S ALL! If you missed the first part of our trip be sure and read this post.

Monday, August 2, 2010


After I tell you about our day, you will understand.....We slept in until after 10 so decided we would go to market tomorrow...Since we had missed breakfast, we headed out for the CHEESECAKE FACTORY. It should really be called the DECISION FACTORY.
Parker and I love their pizza and Pop wanted fettuccine, so that decision was EASY. The BIG DECISION is the CHEESECAKE....Finally Parker chose the RED VELVET and the HOT FUDGE SUNDAE CHEESECAKE....for us to share. I hope YOU do not gain any pounds from looking at it...
THIS IS WHERE THE GRANDPARENT PART COMES IN. I had located all the GAME STOPS in the area of where we were eating, so we put them in the navigation system and DROVE, and DROVE and DROVE some more, only to find the first one had moved. Then we decided we would try the one on Preston (for any of you that live in DALLAS)....found it after about an hour of looking. Parker turned in all the games he wanted to trade and got a LARGE credit. Then the really nice guy that worked there told us the 3rd largest Game Stop in the nation was at Preston and Park...No problem...about a 20 minute drive, but no big deal....PARKER was in shock when he saw how big it was...TOTALLY OVERWHELMING, so he needed some time...Take all the time you need....We went next door to Barnes and Noble and Parker spent an hour looking at all the games. This was truly a boy that loves GAMES dream place. Guess what? The one game he REALLY wanted, they were out of, BUT the GAME STOP at The SHOPS at Willow Bend had it and would hold it for him...No problem, it was only about 15 minutes away. At this point we had spent about 4 hours looking for and in Game Stops...ONLY GRANDPARENTS WOULD DO THIS. You have NEVER seen a HAPPIER BOY!
AFTER all the GAME SHOPPING, we made a few stops at Target, Steinmart, and Tuesday Morning. (and found Jack a WOODY outfit)
then back to the HOTEL to play the GAMES....and eat left over cheesecake. So tonight we are STUFFED and TIRED, BUT HAVE ONE LITTLE MAN that is SO HAPPY. Moral of the story..IF you ever need to know where a GAME STOP is in DALLAS, CALL ME!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We are out of town on our annual mini vacation with Parker, always right before school starts...Just a few days of anything Parker wants, anything Parker wants to do and anything Parker wants to EAT. Tonight that means renting movies at a NICE hotel and room service... after a swim. His life is ROUGH.

I have no clue where the summer went. Tomorrow a few hours at market..then to check out some GAME STOPS. He loves it that Dallas is the headquarters for GS. He brought some of his old games to trade in and I think he is pretty sure what that does not cover, he knows someone that will.Then off to see some movies at the theater along with a stop at the Cheesecake Factory (his favorite)! We also have a special ritual of going to
CENTRAL MARKET and WHOLE FOODS and maybe SPRINKLES. This is only funny because we are not even the real healthy kind of eaters....Going to those two stores is not grocery shopping, its an EXPERIENCE. We love seeing what other people have in their carts. We are nosey like that. I wish I could bottle these special times with him. At eleven and a tween, it is not going to be cool to travel with Grammy and Pop many more years.

and guess what? I bought two more copies so the other winner is

I am listening to the weather and they are saying tomorrow is going to be 105....I cannot tell you how that distresses someone like me that HATES HOT weather..I can NEVER remember SO wanting FALL to arrive. HAVE a GREAT WEEK.