Friday, February 11, 2011


(I needed to post Happy Birthday to Greg today so all comments on this post will also qualify you for Ree Drummonds book…I may even have THREE….you will need to read the above post to get all the details) 

now for my annual love letter to my boy(he writes me one too)

happy Birthday Greg,
It seems like yesterday that you were born.  funny how I cannot remember yesterday, but I can remember my nurse that February night, what she looked like and what she had on.  I guess Those important Days and all their details Never leave you.  I remember the over the top Excitement of having a BOY.  I had always prayed I would have one of each.  God answered that prayer.   I also ask for the boy to be First, so he could take care of his sister.   How true that would be many years later at such an important time in her life.  There was a January day in 1999 that I saw you become the essence of Son, Brother and Uncle ALL in one day.   Never had I been so PROUD of you.
I know this has been one of the hardest years of your Life.    I think I already knew that, but you confirmed it to me in an email you wrote me  recently by saying those exact words. Almost losing Dad, seeing him have to suffer to regain so much, seeing him helpless in some situations was enough to say it was the Hardest YEAR.  Add to that some other problems, some I know and some I may not know…the best part is that I know you…(remember I have known you the longest) and you will get through this. This has been a Year when we have all learned who our real friends are. Its been a year you were able to reconnect with lots of old friends from dad’s earlier coaching days.  we have been through Hard years before.  And when at the time it seemed there was no way out, God made a way.  I am trusting him to do that again for YOU.  I know you are carrying a load.  I know you are still worried about Dad.  I know our record time trip to DALLAS on OCT 2, as we raced to Baylor, praying to find Dad alive, still Haunts you. I saw it in your face then and I still see it.  Losing your Dad means different things to different people, but I know what it means to you.  So along with  your birthday, we have Dads recovery to CELEBRATE.  You notice I am not mentioning your age as it would give a good hint at mine…so lets just stick to the story that I had you when I was 10. Since you are a Dad, you will understand it when I say I want to hurt people that hurt my BOY.  I have had a running list all year and the same name appears on it over and over…
I am so proud of the husband you are.  Dana IS BY FAR the best thing that EVER happened to you and please do not EVER FORGET IT. She is super LOW maintenance as opposed to me being HIGH MAINTENANCE.  Low is easier.  Never forget  that.  On the hard days, start your day counting your blessings….You have a GORGEOUS wife that loves you for just who you are….no changes required.  That rarely happens….You have TWO wonderful healthy sons that adore you…..two nephews that think UNC is SO COOL, a sister that likes you on most days…..but will never forget THE relationship you had with Parker in his early years.   I pray this will be the best year of your life…
I love you,

Greg Dana GraysonDana and Greg

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


If you missed this post on Parker’s Dad, be sure and  read it.  So much response and so many that have BEEN THERE. 
I began this post on Monday and am finishing it lateTuesday night, no early WEDNESDAY morning. 
My least favorite Sunday of the YEAR is SUPER  BOWL SUNDAY…it means the end of another year of the game I love.
I am glad it was a close game….that the Steelers got back in the game…I am happy that Donald Driver and  Aaron Rogers got a Super Bowl Ring.   This was not a game I had strong feelings about…I loved seeing Emmitt sitting in the box next to Laura Bush and down a few seats was Condi.  I loved the tear that rolled out of the eye of the Steeler player as the National Anthem was being sung (poorly sung in my opinion) Normally I could write a long post about the Super Bowl…and though I watched all eight hours plus of coverage, not much stood out.  The flip side is for all of you that are not football lovers, its over for another year.
I just realized that next Monday, VALENTINE’S DAY is my TWO YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY.  I NEVER WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT351 posts later, it still blows my mind. I have met the most incredible bloggers who I now call friend.  We will celebrate next week
We had the coldest week in Shreveport this past week, filled with snow, ice and rain.  I literally did not leave the house, not even to walk to the mailbox (Jack did) from Monday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. WE caught up on lots of movies, cleaned out some closets, wrote some thank you notes, drank far too much coffee (had to try every flavor I had) just generally did whatever we wanted to.  Add to that I stayed in Pajamas all week….clean ones everyday, nonetheless pajamas.  Now school is already called off for tomorrow as we prepare for another storm.
All four of the little's were here this afternoon. Nothing makes me happier.
 Parker and Austin were excited because Parker got to go home with Austin and have a COUSINS CAMP IN!  those two cousins love to spend time together.  I snapped some priceless pictures this afternoon (We will NOT mention that Amanda synced my Iphone and lost all my contacts, apps and pictures this afternoon.  She felt so bad and worked so hard to get back some of it) 
Its hard to believe that my  littlest little is getting so big.  Austin and Grayson
Austin and Grayson
Are those two pictures of Jack and Grayson too sweet?
Last night and tonight Jack has spent the night with us. His Mom has some studying to do and I think his Dad has had a couple of hard days at work, so we are more than HAPPY to hang out with their little boy. He is a PARTY. Truth is we will keep him here until they make him come home.  Who wouldn’t want Woody over for a visit….he even brought Bulls Eye.
Last night we stopped for a bite to eat and as we are leaving Parker says “Slow down Jack” to which Jack replied, “Paker
(no R) Do not call me Jack, you know my name is WOODY!
This boy loves to role play.  He was wide awake at 1AM this morning, showing me some dance moves.  Tonight he fell asleep at midnight watching a movie. 
Many of you have emailed me to check on Jack .. thank you for asking.  He is doing good.  It has been four months since his stroke and we are  blessed that he walks, talks , drives, and there are very few things he cannot do…He is still in out patient therapy 2days a week and his shoulder and hand are getting much better….he has lost 50 pounds! That’s a good thing. There is one thing our entire family knows. Life is not the same after a stroke.  You look at everything different.  We are so thankful we got the Jack we knew back.  Many people do not.
I am reading the best book….cannot put it down…
Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummonds new book and it is a LOVE STORY…I think it was just released last week….and the good news… I am giving two copies away….The drawing will be from comments on this post only.
Very rarely do I give any other ways to get extra chances…you don’t have to jump through hoops here. But a  very dear friend of mine has began blogging.  I want her to get off to a good start….Her name is Diana(pronounced Dinah)! I remember how exciting it was to get comments when I
first start blogging
Her blog is
SO, What's the BIG DEAL?
Go there and leave her a comment, welcome her to the world of blog, then come back and let me know and you will get your name in the pot five extra times…I will draw for these two copies on Monday plus announce a SPECIAL BLOG ANIVERSARY PRIZE….I have something in mind…just need to put it together.
If you made it to the end of this post you deserve a medal….Just call it RANDOM

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