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Meet Jack...Large and In Charge

January 31, 2008 brought us a miracle boy. Another baby changed our world..He is named after his Pop and I will tell you his Pop is a bit proud.
He was born on a perfect January day, easy labor, (again I got to cut the cord). I thought sure his Dad would want to do that honor, but I think he thought I was better with scissors, since I use them in my business.
No experiences in my life have been more precious than being in delivery with Amanda during Parker and Jack's birth.
She is cool and calm,so they have been more like parties. Parker now had a brother and he was so proud.
Absolutely everything seemed normal...He looked fine, was full-term and seemed totally healthy. He knew how to nurse from day one. Amanda and Micah brought him home on a sunny Saturday. Sunday he came over to our house to watch his first Super Bowl. I even noticed that he was cheering for Eli at 3 days old.
Amanda was a tad sleep deprived, so our plan had been for Micah to go back to work on Monday and for her to spend the day at our house sleeping.
On that Monday morning, she called my husband and said that Jack had not wanted to nurse during the night and he looked a little jaundice, so would he come and get her and run her by the pediatricians and let the nurse look at him, JUST to be sure he was gaining weight and that he was not jaundice. Thank you Lord, that she went with her gut "mom" feeling that something was wrong. Days later we would know just how crucial the timing was.

In the next hour the nightmare began....the nurse excused herself to find another thermometer, as she could not believe his temperature was so low. After locating another one, she said "I need to get the doctor"! Within just a few minutes, Jack was in the NICU and it seemed that every nurse and doctor on the floor was in his room. By the time I got to the hospital, they were asking Amanda to sign consent forms to do a spinal tap. One look at the nurses faces told me this was not just a baby there for observation, this was a VERY sick baby. For the next 3 days he was critical and for the next two and half weeks he was in the NICU with many drugs going into his tiny little body.

Somehow our little man had contracted meningitis. We stood over that little crib, day and night, begging God for a miracle. Not until the day we brought him home, did the NICU doctor say to Amanda, "If it had not been for your gut feeling and quick reaction, you would have had a funeral"! Sobering words.

Once we brought the little man home, he has been the center of attention and a laugh a minute. He has the deepest little laugh and cutest little personality...He immediately began to gain weight, thus his name "large and in charge"!
We have never taken for granted how close we came to losing him. Just like his brother, he is "the best thing that ever happened to us"!

We took him to Disney World in October when he was only 9 months,
(do you get a sense that we love the Mouse) and though he will probably not remember that trip, etched in my memory is that little guy in awe of all that was going on around him..and that smile. We are taking him back in May and I have an idea that he and Mickey will become close friends.

Parker is the best big brother and Jack cannot get enough of him. When Parker walks through the door from school, a smile from ear to ear is on his little buddies face. Even thought they are 8 years apart, I have a feeling that they have a really special bond.

So as we celebrate the miracle of Easter today, we also celebrate the life of baby Jack!