Wednesday, November 2, 2011


**** Well it is now 5 PM so you can see I did not get this posted last night….a little boy came down the hall with bed head and was just needing his Grammy to hold him…

Its almost 3 AM and the day is winding down.  Trees everywhere, more ornaments than my house can hold, ideas running rampant in my head, scheduling problems that always happen, looking for energy boosters, Band-Aids on several fingers, stuck a piece of wire in my thumb and that has been so sore today,  nails need filled in, white as a sheet (meaning I need to spray tan), my shop looks like a tornado went through it and we are only into the third week of decorating. 

Plus this is the week that my head elf and I travel and work on houses in another town. 
Stacks of paperwork (which I hate the most) are piled up, the house is less than clean, I have not changed out our closets from summer to fall (that means I wear pretty much the same thing everyday)!  That’s my life right now…

How I would love a night to read blogs.

Instead tonight Parker and Jack spent the night and I let everything GO and just hung out with them. 
It makes my “to do” list longer for tomorrow, but it was sure great fun tonight.  No pictures…Neither was interested in pictures. 
Parker and I had a long talk about bullying and what it meant and who did it.
His school had addressed it several times and he shared with me what he had learned.  I was so impressed that he got it…Bullying is not cool!
Jack and I watched the same movie twice.  Only a grandmother would do that.  When the credits rolled the first time, he laughed and said “Let’s watch it again”, and we did.

We do have some pictures and some new ideas and I plan to post on the holiday blog Thurs.…maybe some ideas you can use….that’s on my list.

Since I have so many ornaments right now, it will be a good time to give away a basket of ornaments.  I have some neat cross ornaments that I will include in it.  All you have to do is leave a comment and this blog and the holiday blog (so I will know there are still readers over there)!
Also tell me if you would like to share some of your holiday traditions and do a guest post on A Baby Changes Everything.

I know if you are like me you feel like your problems are HUGE!!!!
  if we threw
Here are two blogger friends that desperately need prayer.

Paige and I only know each other through blogging, but I feel like I know her so well.  Her husband has pancreatic cancer.  It’s a vicious battle…He had to be admitted to the hospital this afternoon.  My heart hurts for her.

I don’t know this lady but all I can say is she is superhuman….Praying for Tripp and a word of encouragement would probably make her day.

If you want to read a fun blog read about this family Hope in a Boys World.  She is an excellent writer and the neatest family.

If you want to think, read my friend Amy at Snoodlings…she makes me think…This is a gal I know and love.

If you want to hear a real story teller, do not miss this special lady at Cow Patty Surprise.

Ok, that’s enough reading for you…Leave a comment and get in on the ornament giveaway…

Post it on your blog and then let me know and I will have a special drawing just for you for another ornament group.  I love to give ornaments away.

Check the holiday blog and you will see some neat ideas….Give me about a day…to get them up.

I am doing the 30 days of Thankfulness of November on Facebook, so will try and include my list on the blog too. 
Day 1  For Hope in a Dark World
Day 2 For My Family

Have a good week!!!!!