Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just received word from Marie that Crew is back in Little Rock headed
to surgery for an infection. 

Please pray that his repair is still intact and that he tolerates the surgery better this time. 

This is so quick for a little guy to be put under again. the surgery will begin about 5 Central Time....  

I have not posted for a a few days but have been in contact with Marie.  This was a note and will give you an idea of how their days have been.

Exhausted doesn't even touch how i feel.... Please Lord make my baby not hurt so bad so he can rest and I can sleep so I can take care of him.... Amen!

and this was a day earlier

Ummm we are exhausted, Crew can't sleep well and all I do is   chart his meds and urine output and make sure his kidneys are still working and check for infection. So
we are literally staying awake all
day and night. We are going have to  hire someone to help

I know I have fallen love with this little man and want to see him back to this picture...

Flood Marie's email with love

If you feel like you have written all you can to her, Crew's grandmother could use a hug through email.  Her name is Bonnie.
bonnie90@live.com.  I promise you will be blessed for reaching out.  It is such a small and easy thing to do. 

I will be updating on Crew's condition this week, but it may be at late at night.
I  am helping my number one ELF, Terri,  do a Junior League Show.  If you are local come by and see us at MILandDIL!   It is at the Bossier Civic Center, Shopping For A Cause.