Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I loved reading all your comments..and am thankful for all my blog friends...Your stories make me laugh, make me think, make me cry and make me very HAPPY that I decided to blog!
I have spent the last two days packing up Christmas stuff in my shop. That's not a fun job, but one I need to get done early this year. I don't want to leave on vacation with my shop a mess.

Tonight is a night just with the boys....although I have had Parker the last two days and nights! (heaven) But Jack is on his way to spend the night so his Mom and Dad can have a night at the movies and the house will come alive.
We did see a good movie late yesterday afternoon...
It's Complicated! Some really funny scenes..I will leave it at that.
Tomorrow is SPA DAY for me...What a way to spend New Years Eve. This spa is the greatest and between a great hydrating facial and a 90 minute massage, you get a fantastic meal served on a gold tray, complete with silver and crystal...They do EVERY THING to make you feel special. Then a night of fun and fire works with the boys. Amanda is fighting a cold so I am going to help her get her tree down. That's what Moms are for.

I posted a final Random Dozen on my holiday blog!

OK for some NEW YEARS winners....we decided to use a combination of Parker and Jack's birthday's..

The winners are Sarah at The Strength of Faith and
Andi at Magallano Mournings ...VISIT THESE BLOGS AND SAY HELLO to two bloggers.
Please send me your name and addresses and a package will be on its way...Hope to mail out prizes tomorrow or Monday.

I am working on a list of some of my favorite blogs and will post them in a few days. The problem I am having is there are SO many blogs that I love. I think this will take several posts! BUT HEADING THAT LIST and THE REASON I BLOG is because for many months I read this blog, Just a Beachkat! This was a lady I loved, enjoyed every post and wanted to know her better. So if you don't know Kat, stop by and you will be hooked. I have not met a more genuine and fun lady in blogland.