Monday, January 17, 2011


My heart had been broken all week for blogger friend, Joanne Heim. I cannot go five minutes without thinking about her. This time last week she was fine.  Tonight, she is fighting to live, literally after suffering a stroke on Tuesday.  This is a 38 year old super fit, full of life Mom and Wife. 
Joanne and kids
Life changes in a heartbeat.  I am going to copy and paste some information that just came out.  Check her blog and read about the last week. 
From her close friend,  How You Can Help
Hello, my name is Janna, and I've been given permission by Toben to hijack Joanne's blog for a little bit. I met Joanne several years ago through her lovely sister Kristen. I have the pleasure of considering these two sisters my dearest of friends.
Many of you, like me, feel honored to call Joanne "friend.” Some of you know her in real life and some from the blogosphere. Some of you may have never met Joanne but have come to her blog to get updates and to pray. I feel confident that Joanne would consider you a friend, also.
The outpouring of love, prayer and interest in Joanne's condition has been overwhelming. The family is extremely moved and encouraged by how the Body of Christ has come together in this time of crisis. Many of you have asked how you can help. So with the collaboration of some of Joanne's many friends, we've organized some new features on Joanne's blog to Help the Heims.
If you have ever met, read or come into contact with Joanne, you have probably been blessed in some way. That is Joanne. Now it is our turn to bless her. Let's join together to show her family our support and love. -------------------------------------
How You Can Help the Heims:
Financial gifts
Even with the most desired outcome, Joanne's medical and recovery time will be very costly. There is time off of work (Toben), medical bills, etc. Giving financially is one of the most practical things we can do to help them on this long journey ahead.Click on her sidebar to give via PayPal:Or make checks payable to Toben Heim. Mail to: Joanne Heim, c/o Kristen Haufschild, 11004 Grayledge Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
Thousands of people all over the world are praying for Joanne. Please do not cease in lifting Joanne up to the Lord. She needs a miracle. Psalm 46 is the scripture that the Heims are claiming over Joanne. Please read it as a prayer for her.
Spread the word
Spread the word about Praying for Joanne by displaying her button your blog. Grab the HTML code from the sidebar.
Encouragement     Send cards, letters, pictures, scriptures, prayers, etc. to Joanne. Mail to: Joanne Heim, c/o Kristen Haufschild, 11004 Grayledge Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 
PLEASE DO THIS…you know how I feel about snail mail
News  Stay updated on Joanne's condition here on her blog and on Twitter via Toben.   Thank you for being a part of her life, her recovery and her blessing.
Below is the post by her weary husband tonight.  This week has been a nightmare.
I will admit I have struggled with this all week.  After emailing a dear friend, I don’t think she will mind me using an illustration she gave me…It is one I have thought about all day.
From Melinda
I had a friend tell me once that life was like trying to work a puzzle without the benefit of the picture on the lid. We have random pieces that we do our best to fit together, but it would be so much easier with the lid. To me, that's where we sit right now, with Joanne, where my friends sit in their grief, and where I've been sitting all year: learning how to rest in the fact that the One who holds the lid to the puzzle box lives in us. He can see how it all plays out, why some people get the miracle (more lives affected for the kingdom if they continue life on earth?) and others don't (more lives affected for the kingdom if they pass to eternity?). It boils down to a matter of choice for us: We can trust that, because He knows how it all fits together, and He loves us enough to have made a way to spend eternity with us, we don't have to understand, just trust.  WOW
I have not forgotten the giveaway, but this week it has seemed rather insignificant.  I will be back with another post later this week and want to introduce you to a new blogger.