Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sorry I have not announced the winner of the 300th blog giveaway..I am waiting on my official “draw-er” as in Parker. 
I promise to announce it in the next day or so.

As soon as I wrote that last post, it seemed I knew more needs than I have in months, so I am just going to take this post and share a few and ask you to pray.

This is one of my dear friends from a town we lived in years ago…She was my walking buddy..Her granddaughter is critically ill here in our town on life support.  All from an asthma attack…

They desperately need prayer today. Please pray for Brooklyn and her Mom and Dad, Landon and Rita…and all the family members.  Life can change in a moment.


Also Courtney Shumway…a friend of a mutual friend..


This is her story…Unbelievable. she was moved to Houston yesterday still in a coma and they need a miracle.

I promise to be back with a cheerful post soon and to introduce you to a new blogger.
Feel free to add prayer requests in the comment section..We all know someone hurting and looking for hope.