Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As in very very random…..
First my nephew,  Sweet William won the contest! Is he not the cutest?Will won
thanks to all of my blog friends that voted. 
Next I finally (though I have been trying for six weeks to find one) have an IPAD 2100_4447
So please send me every tip you have….I have had it a week and have not even opened the box. I am hoping Parker will have time to help me get it set up tomorrow.  Do any of you write posts using it?

Jack went for a check up and everything was perfect and the doctor does not even want to see him until late OCT….that’s almost 6 months from now and will be a year from the stroke.

I am pulling for Scotty on American Idol (as voting on every device I can) and starting to have withdrawals since I know the season is ending.  
This has been a good one…and never dreamed I would like Steven Tyler and J Lo so much.  If you have not seen this video, I loved it….Josh Turner surprising Scotty on his home town visit.
And on DWTS, I am pulling for Kym and Hines.

I think Arnold is a …well I won't say what I think he is…he is a member of the John Edwards “make me sick” club. 

I saw this Flame On on Kelly’s blog.
When you have 30 minutes it is WELL WORTH your time to WATCH.
You have to register and then just hit WATCH.  Once I started I couldn’t stop. 
I had heard the story but watching this was powerful. This has been my greatest fear in life.
One phone call can change everything.

This is a subject that I have wrestled with a lot recently.
I have a dear and young friend, as in very young just diagnosed with breast cancer, a week later a double mastectomy and now decisions. 

Then a friend of almost 40 years whose husband is having cancer surgery this Thursday, and on and on.  I am sure you have your own list. 

Then if you are a news junky like me and listen or read all the do’s and don’ts (that change by the day) to help you stay well….well it is overwhelming and makes you want to just eat whatever.  And if you took every supplement that Dr. Oz recommends (and I like him) you would spend your day taking pills.
Maybe it’s just me.  Does anyone else feel this way? 

NEWS BREAK….Terri and I are back walking.  We have made two days in a row doing almost 4 miles each day.  I so wish I loved exercise…I DON’T!!!

Not sure if I mentioned it but I loved Tyler Perrys new movie Jump the Broom, but then I love anything he does. 

Hopefully starting Thursday I am going to link up and sell the famous card box, except its going to be in a special mailer to cut the cost and it will be listed on Kristen's Creations..It’s the best gift to have on hand and one that everyone can use.  I am working to make it very affordable. 

We won’t be discussing Trump for PRESIDENT…I have to say his speech announcing it, made me laugh..enough said.

Just for a laugh….this is Jack checking out Easter eggs, deciding if they have the kind of candy he wanted…as in he rejected eggs. I have never heard of a three year old that did not want every egg he found. 

Also a special prayer request…Not sure of the date yet, but Austin is having heart surgery in Little Rock in early summer.  It is something they have known about since birth, but still very scary to have your boy having heart surgery.

If you are still with me you are worn out. So to thank you for hanging in there….I am giving away 2 books….another copy of Pioneer Woman…this is a GOOD READ!

  and also a copy of this fun book


How’s that for a thank you for reading a LOT of RANDOM!
Regardless of how you feel about Oprah, I have to admit I will miss her. (a tad more random)

FOR the last piece of Random, I am feeling like the Mouse is missing me…and want to start planning a trip. 

As always, all you have to do is leave a comment and you are eligible for both books.  I will get Parker to draw Sunday night. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Blogger had not been very cooperative this week, so I am a little late with my Mother’s Day pictures. I am also posting the CARD BOX winners at the bottom
of this post. 
The picture above takes my breath away…Look at those little lover eyes of Jack.

We had a great day, celebrating with lunch at the Country Club, all of us together and all on time….so all four little's….saw lots of old friends…(The Country Club is owned by our church…and may have the best golf course in town.)
Micah and Amanda took Parker and Austin for an afternoon of golfing while the rest of us went home and took a nap.  It was 92degrees and very high humidity and not my ideal of a great afternoon riding in the cart.  BUT I DID GET PICTURES and I did get some great gifts….a 2 hour massage which I used today, gift cards to places I like to eat, movie gift cards and handwritten cards that reduce me to tears.  Especially this year.  In case you are new this has not been an easy year.
Here's Jack (POP) with Greg and his family
Micah and his Queen
Micah and Amanda (she was treated like royalty too)plus he has her out on the town tonight too after another afternoon of golf.
Micah and Parker
One of my favorite pictures….Micah and Parker…Best Buddies, Friends, and everything else you would want a stepdad-stepson relationship to be.
And I can only see it getting stronger.  Talk about answered prayer. 
cousins Jack and Austin, with Jack just about to fall asleep. 
Greg and his BOYS….HIS pride and joy and the reason he gets up everyday. 
Micah we need to talk about the hair style
Just could not resist this one in case you were looking for a new hairstyle….not sure what Micah had in mind.
Such a Fun Day
Me and Austin…..not my best hair day

Drop down to the one below and look at that grin on Grayson's face..priceless
Grayson not interested in a PICTURE
Dana and her sweet boys…Dana has been doing PX90 (I think that’s it) and her arms tell the story
Grayson and Jack VERY TIRED
And last but not least two little men VERY TIRED and READY to GO.

OK for the two winners of the card boxes….
1, Courtney’s Corner
and the second one goes to

And I a special thanks to all of you who voted for my nephew, Sweet William.  He is 300 ahead and the contest ends in the morning….so I think he is the winner….YEAH
I have some new giveaways that will be posted on the holiday blog in the next few days….so be on the alert…