Thursday, March 24, 2011


Love those curls
Sunday was a day of full of BOYS.  Those are days I cherish.

OK…HAVE a question for you?  I put this as my status on Facebook a few days ago.  Wow, did I get the comments.  I am not saying this would be good or bad, merely throwing it out there for some feed back.
I watch a lot of talk shows.  I have seen Donald Trump interviewed at least five times in the last week. 
How would you feel if he runs for President? I really think he may….so leave me some thoughts…

Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend was SPECIAL.  I am going to do a little bragging.  I spent the day with Amanda yesterday.  We went to the Junior League's Spring  Boutique  and shopped.  Then we had a long lunch and we talked.  We talked about life.
And it was good.  My girl is now a BEAUTIFUL woman, a wonderful wife, an amazing Mom and a daughter I am so proud of.  I grew up never knowing if my parents even liked me.  I never want my kids to wonder. 
Amanda and  camera
(Have you noticed she has great hair and can wear it any way)?
amanda and Jackamanda and LJ100_3020100_4006

Today I spent the day with Greg and his family.  I wish I had a picture of this…I missed Greg and Grayson for a few minutes and when
I found them, they had unmade my bed and were asleep.  Church clothes and all.    Later he helped me do all kinds of things around the house that I don’t really want Jack to do yet. …you know…those little things like change the flag outside to Easter, get the summer clothes out of the attic and put the winter clothes up, even went to storage with me and helped me move a van load of stuff home (he did not enjoy this and did not pretend he did).  He loves his family so much.  He is a wonderful Dad, a great husband, UNCLE is his other name, and a SON I am so proud of.

Greg asleepGREG SNOW
Greg and AustinDana and Greg

I have no idea how I would have survived the last five months without all their support and love.

(Micah and Dana…My Boy and My Girl could not have picked better partners in life.)
All four little's were here today.
I have some great pictures for tomorrow.  I am too tired to download them tonight.   Jack spent the night with us last night and I have a funny “Jack story” to share too.  Let’s just say I am a snail mail sender and  Jack FOUND my stamps.  There was not a happy ending to this story.  
Amanda and Micah played in a couple’s charity golf tournament today.  Amanda’s first tournament and she did good..and she looked SO CUTE.  And we all know that is as important as playing well.

I have a super busy week coming up, but as the weekend comes to a close, I am thankful for family. Thankful that family was in God’s plan. Thankful that I have the one I do. Thankful that for today we are OK. 
We have been through some rough waters recently, some scary days.  It was so nice to have a very ordinary weekend. I never want to take those for granted.