Saturday, October 10, 2009


Though the Tigers did not win tonight, Jack and I had our own LSU PARTY. I think it was probably the best party in town... There is nothing like partying with a 20 month old, especially one that is still going strong at midnight.
(Secretly, I am a Tim Tebow fan,but I have to keep that under wraps around my LSU friends.) As you can see from the picture above, Jack had his game face on when his Mom dropped him by my house. Here are a few snapshots from the game.....
This would be Jack calling his bookie for the first time

Must have been a BIG PLAY
A boy must keep his phone with him at all times

Checking out the TV, but he must keep his bookie on the line.
Making one more CALL. I am thinking he did not make ANY MONEY...but I had a GREAT NIGHT with ONE OF MY BEST BUDDIES....WE had some serious talks TONIGHT... and now he is finally fast asleep.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009


I Rarely Do Awards.....Not sure why, except that I am a bit embarrassed to get an award for sharing a little of my life... I always feel blessed to receive them...BUT THIS ONE came from one of my BEST BLOG BUDDIES. It was a very nice surprise to be honored with an award from ....Kat at Just a Beachkat. After reading her blog for so long, I finally jumped in, so her blog probably is the real reason I blog today.....The Honest Scrap award is to share "10 HONEST Things " about myself! Like Kat, I feel like I've shared everything about me with you already. I am really a VERY normal person, with a very normal family...BUT, I will give it a try.
  1. Honestly I feel tired just thinking about all the trees I have to decorate.
  2. Honestly I HATE exercise. (I keep hoping Kat will rub off on me)
  3. Honestly I love the RESULTS of any deep cleaning project and right now my closet is in BAD NEED.
  4. Honestly I am ALWAYS planning the next Disney trip.
  5. Honestly I always love a day that I never have to leave the house.
  6. Honestly I can count on one hand the times I have not made the bed in all our married life.
  7. Honestly I wish there were more hours in the day.
  8. Honestly I cannot go to bed at night until I take a HOT bath.
  9. Honestly I start feeling depressed near the end of football season
  10. Honestly I would rather rock a baby, especially one of my grandsons, more than anything in the world. They have ROCKED my WORLD.
Thanks Kat for the award....I pass this award on to all my blogging buddies. You are SPECIAL!

Now I need some help from you. I am planning a family trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming right after Christmas. This is an area where I have never been, so I need tips on lodging, restaurants, "fun don't miss activities", anything you can tell me that will help me plan the trip.. And if you EVER need Disney advice, just email me...My kids call me a Disney encyclopedia. So, I will look forward to some emails helping me plan this trip. Email me at ....(that email address confuses people, but Annah was our cocker spaniel for 17 years) I know some of you are fans of Jackson Hole....Help me out!

OK, lets have a GIVEWAY! I have had several giveaways on the Christmas blog...You were my first blog friends so I don't want to leave you out.... I will draw for this collection...a set of holiday file folders (so cute), matching notepad and the Christmas Cookie Book! I will get Parker to draw on Sunday night. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog, on THIS post, telling me you sent a new friend to the Christmas blog.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Questions and Some Answers and A Few Fun Pictures

I know I said I would not be posting here this week , but had too many cute pictures, too much GREAT football, and a few questions you wanted answers to. I am just going to answer the questions in very simple answers..I am REALLY not that interesting.
  1. How do I make a bow like the ones I have on the Christmas blog? It is all in the hold and it is one of those things that many cannot do because they try TOO hard to make it perfect. I am going to try and give a demonstration on a post soon. Stay tuned!
  2. How did I get started in the TREE BUSINESS? I did a few friends homes, always had a tree in every room at my house (that is no longer the case) and one tree led to two, then five, then 10 and now 17 years later we do 60-70 trees.
  3. What is my draw to Mickey? Just the pure magic in kids and now my grandkids eyes.
  4. What is my favorite ornament? I am very lucky to have picked up literally thousands of ornaments at market through the years at sample sales at market, so I have some ornaments that probably wholesaled for ridiculous prices that I purchased for a dollar..I started to say I had hundreds and then I thought again and I really do have mega ornaments. On my big tree, I had over 1500 ornaments last year. But my most prized ornaments are all my Disney ornaments....
  5. How long have I been going to Disney? for many years but the 8 trips we have made with Parker and then the one with the entire family last October, by FAR the most SPECIAL.
  6. How can you do a beautiful tree on a budget? I think I did a post on that on the other blog, but will continue to give tips along the way.
  7. What do I do besides decorate trees and what does my husband do? I keep grand babies, which is my most favorite job. Fortunately, the tree business is very profitable and I can work about 4 months out of the year. My husband is a retired football coach and now drives chartered buses for college athletic teams. A job he can do only when he wants it is very part time. As for how we do Disney so often, that's just where we splurge. My parents both died within three months of each other several years ago. From their estate we have been able to take care of retirement, meaning we live no different today than we did before having that inheritance, with the exception of GREAT family trips. A big thank you to my Mom and Dad for being savers and investors.
  8. How do I accomplish so much in a day? Time management is one of my biggest challenges. I stay up very late and always get the most done from 10 PM until 2 I live by multiple lists. I am never caught up. NEVER!
  9. What is the secret to being married for 37 years? This one will seem very trite..but we love the same things, we never thought of divorce as an option, my husband is the easiest going person on EARTH, and through good years and not so great years, we still would rather do life with each other. We have 2 children...Greg and Amanda and they are 7 years apart. We have four grandsons that we GET TO grandparent together.
  10. Where would I travel if not to Disney? I am just a Disney addict and would probably always choose that first, but I love New York City, love California, love Las Vegas, and I like an occasional cruise.

What got me started blogging? I have been a blog reader for several years, thought about blogging for at least a year before I actually began..and one day I just jumped in....and it has really become one of the neatest things I have ever done.

THIS post is going to be TOO long, so quit reading if you are bored....
LOOK who came for a visit today....Sweet Grayson.
Now look who is MAD because someone took something away from him that he was SURE was his.

And then fell asleep in his Pops arms while we cheered on our FAVORITE PLAYER


If you missed the latest post on the Christmas blog , I added some pictures of some very whimsical colors late last night! Check it out...and leave a comment...Remember that's all it takes to enter you in the drawing for the October ornaments.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

*******Totally messed up on this one...this should have been under this...oh well, I will get back on schedule next week....Sorry

This week's question: What is your biggest obstacle right now? How are you making plans to overcome/push forward?

I love this weekly "get to know you" that Amber hosts. I love her blog and it again reaffirms what I have always thought....we are all facing the same battles and sure and check out her blog..... and join in the fun.

In this season of my life three things immediately come to mind...

I need to exercise MORE!

I need to MANAGE my TIME BETTER... how I go about doing these things ..... JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME.
Some days I do good, some days I do much less than good.
AS tree season begins, all three of the things become harder and also more NEEDED...So again tomorrow,
I am thankful for NEW BEGINNINGS.

I will be posting this week on the Christmas blog,
A Baby Changes Everything
so stop by and visit. There are so many new followers.
I am planning a surprise gift when I reach a certain number. You might just be the one! I came home from market late tonight with so many new ornaments and fun holiday goodies...I am looking forward to giving some away.
On that note,this blog is about to reach the
400 mark in followers...WOW, how did that happen in six months? I think I need a prize for the
400th person who follows this very ordinary blog written by this very ordinary person.

I will leave the "Ask Away" post open for a couple more days and then try to answer the questions.