Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The title should be a good clue.  I am the worst blogger.  I have had a post in my mind for several days...just full of random and have not sat down and typed it. 

As much as I have ask for prayer for Crew and not to give you an update for a few days is wrong.  Please forgive me. 

I have also done such a poor job of visiting your blogs and am hoping for a good full day soon. 

I am going to start with him. I did have contact with Marie today so its a recent update.    

He is still at home and has several doctors appointments this week.  They have found a nurse plus Home Health but Marie is worn out.  He has IV's going and it is a full time job to meet all his needs.
So I guess I would say he is stable and so far being at home is working as well as it can. 

Yesterday was a wonderful family day.  Here are the Moms to my four little men.

We all went to church. Our speaker was Rick Santorum. 
I cannot tell you how impressed I was.
There was no politics...He told his story and it was a sermon we all need. 

Even with the Secret Service lined up, it never felt like it was anything other than a humble man sharing his heart. 

I went with no reason to think I would be moved .  Though I had watched all the debates I still did not have a great feeling about any of them, at least not enough to say "I am backing     ". 

That might have changed yesterday.  I am including his story and it is well worth listening to.  

Rick Santorum At FBB from FBB Special Events on Vimeo.

After church we had lunch and then headed to the park...Hot and humid so we did not stay long. 

Then Jack came home with us to spend the  night.  Now he and Parker are here for another night.  Nothing makes me happier.

Jack and I have played all day and he just passed out for the night.  Parker is on book two of The Hunger Games, so he has been telling me everything about the first one.  I see the movie in our near future. 

Jack has started Wee Ball.  From all you know about him, can you just imagine how funny he will be.  We have been talking to him about not talking when the coach talks.  I will let you know how that works out.

Peyton is going to the Broncos. 
I have  mixed emotions about that. 
I love Peyton but had really started to call Tebow my favorite player. 
Now we have a conflict of interests. 

If you are not a football lover you have no idea what those few sentences meant. 

My dear friend Dianne, who lost her husband this summer, while he waited on a liver transplant came to see me Saturday. 

We holed up in a popular restaurant and took up a table for far too long.  Hours later we left full and caught up on life.  Life is hard and it hurts and some days it seems like there is no relief. 
Today is her first birthday since Keith died.  Dianne, if you happen to read this ....
Happy Birthday!! I think I can say that Keith would want me to wish you one too from him. 

The last month I have felt like I was carrying the weight of the world.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I have 3 good friends and each one of them are in the trials of their lives. 

Totally different situations...horrible, hurtful situations....the kind that make you want to hurt someone.

None of them even know each other.   There is not one thing I can do for them but listen to them and pray.
Maybe that is all I am meant to do.  I sure would like to change their circumstances. All three need a giant miracle.   

Ok, enough random for tonight.  I will be back soon.  Thanks for still coming to visit me.