Thursday, November 26, 2009


An unusual post for me...No pictures, no stories, just a huge and sincere thanks for welcoming me into the blogging community this past year .

I have had a different kind of Thanksgiving. This is not a pity party, so not looking for comments consoling me..This is just the way it happened this year. I am ALL GOOD!. Normally, I work and decorate a home on Thanksgiving. This year it worked out to get that home done early, giving me a much needed day off. It is 5pm and I have not seen a person with the exception of Bella the dog. My husband helped out a friend and drove a sports team to Nashville.. My kids and grand kids are spending the day at the other side of their families. Remember I DO NOT cook, so it would not be smart or very tasty to come here. Parker is with his Dad. I slept until noon (much needed) and then (don't laugh) had a chicken salad sandwich from my favorite deli. I have worked on paper work and watched some football, had some great coffee,took another nap and now am going to put up another tree in MY house. I answered some long overdue emails, paid some bills, and basically have not said a word. After weeks of long hard days, making magic in other people's homes and knowing I have 2 more long weeks of the same if not more intense, the silence has not been that bad. I have read the paper and know that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I want or need bad enough to get up in the wee hours of the morning to stand in line for. NOTHING!!!! Those same things will be on sale again in the next few weeks and I have done most of my shopping throughout the year or online.

I had planned to write my Christmas letter today, but the words would not come, so I will do that another day.

One of the greatest additions to my life this past year has been blogging. I never dreamed I would love it so much, meet such interesting and kind people, nor find time to just "do it"! I am so thankful for all of my new friends. So on this Thanksgiving evening I AM THANKFUL!
Is everything right in my world? No
Do I have some situations that I wish were different? Yes
But I would guess that each of you would have those same answers. One thing that tree decorating always brings home to me...Trouble, sorrow and pain come to all. No matter how big and beautiful the house is on the outside, on the inside the same life problems reside.

Tomorrow I will be back to making magic, decking halls, and being TIRED, but very thankful that I can still work, have a very good job, and can bring smiles to many families. Can you believe I did an entire post without talking about my boys....Parker, Jack, Austin and Grayson...THAT'S a FIRST!


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How could I have possibly forgotten to say that I am SO THANKFUL that the VIKINGS are 9-1!
BRETT FARVE is making me SO PROUD! (and I will admit I have bragged a tad to those Brett haters)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just happened to have a couple of new pictures of my youngest two grandsons...These are BOTH miracle boys...Jack spent 2 weeks plus in the NICU with spinal meningitis when he was 4 days old....and we almost lost him. As I write those words I cannot imagine life without him....and yes he
still takes a bottle occasionally. Who cares? He is beginning to say any and all words...and is a laugh a minute....another baby that changed everything...

This is my youngest grandson. He is five months old this week.

Grayson was a longed for and much wanted baby...who also had a rough start. He too spend two weeks in the NICU with some breathing problems....HE is totally fine today and he looks exactly like a picture I have of his Dad at just this age. He and his beautiful Mom came by the house I was decorating yesteday and it was such a nice BREAK in a long day! He smiles constantly....That may become his nickname.

My older two boys, Parker and Austin are having a slumber party tonight, one of their favorite things to do. I need to call Greg and get him to snap a picture of the two of them..They are BUSY BOYS and the camera is not something they care much about. All four of these little guys are my heart.
Thanksgiving week is a time for savoring our blessings, realizing our hope for the future and a time to give thanks! This week I want to do all three. In my business it is easy to think about the next tree, the next house, the long to do list! I am determined to stop each day and GIVE THANKS!

Be sure and stop by my CHRISTMAS BLOG. There are TWO GIVEAWAYS this week and you just MIGHT win one.

I said this on my other blog but wanted to say it here again. GO and SEE THE BLIND SIDE! It is Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw at their best...Jack and I slipped into the movie late Friday. A rare treat during tree season. WE are movie lovers and this was one of the BEST movies I have seen in several years. One of those movies that when the credits roll, no one gets up. A movie you think about! A movie that you think about again. A movie that makes you take stock of your own life. A movie that somehow makes you want to be a better person. A perfect movie for Thanksgiving week. Have a blessed week.