Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ask Away

And no, we are not leaving for Disney in the next few weeks,maybe months but not weeks.....I hear Mickey calling me and we have only been apart for 3 months.....and I spent 3 weeks with him in the last 10 months....But I know he misses me......

I have read several blogs recently where the bloggers ask questions.
Just a good old question and answer post.
I am an OPEN BOOK. I have made my share of mistakes, had a bucket full of disappointments along the way of life, many dreads and regrets, but I do have a wonderful life....
Since I am relatively new to BLOG LAND, I thought I might open this post for questions..Anything goes......about kids, husband of 37 years, job, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandkids, business, coaching, just anything in general! I just love a STORY and maybe YOU do to. So your questions will tell my story....ASK AWAY and I promise to do my best to answer.......
Check out the Christmas blog also....A new giveaway started today and will run through October...another HUGE ornament basket....I am in Dallas now for a few days at market and have found some fabulous blog prizes....Tomorrow I will download some pictures and show a couple.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


THIS is Jack with the Swine Flu. Not a pretty site and not a Happy Camper.....He just jumped from the stomach virus to the flu. Please pray for my little man...I am so ready for him to be WELL. I am in Dallas for a few days at market, but did not leave before I took my little man lots of surprises...hoping to make him SMILE. He has had high fever for the past 2 days and now Amanda is beginning to feel we are all loaded up with our Tamiflu. I hope it keeps the rest of the family from getting really sick...
And since it is Thursday, though I am not officially participating....I am going to list just a FEW of the THINGS I am most THANKFUL for today....I so want to have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE EVERYDAY!
1. Thankful for every member of my family!
2. Thankful that we all have great health insurance!
3. Thankful we all have jobs. Thankful that we get to work, when so many NEED jobs.
4. Thankful for 5 star hotels that are SO cheap through Priceline. I happen to be in one for the next five days.
5. Thankful that we have "enough" that we can help OTHERS.
6. Thankful that one of my closest friends, finally became a grandmother yesterday....a dream come true for her.
7. Thankful for four little grandsons that make me smile everyday.
8. Thankful that "He" is the same yesterday, today and forever"!
9. Thankful for cool weather....
10. Thankful for some neat things that have happened in Parker's life this month....things that we have prayed about and now have seen the answer.
Tomorrow, start your day giving thanks for the little things in your life...I know for me, if I will JUST DO IT, it totally changes my attitude.
Have a great weekend.....Count your blessings!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Friend Makin' Monday is being hosted by Amber ! This week the topic is revolving around what we JUST CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!

This week the post is to list a FEW things I cannot live without........Once I started writing, I realized I have MANY!!! maybe too many!


GRANDKIDS...need I say more

Amanda, Greg, Micah and Dana....what a group..but I am so glad that you are MY FAMILY!

High Speed Internet

TIVO (at least I would hate to have to)

FOOTBALL and lots of it!

An Isagenix Shake or two or three daily

My Glue Gun......especially this time of year

The BEST mattresses and BEST SHEETS. Good bedding is a MUST.

Blogging would rank right up there!

COFFEE would have to be on the list and at least one diet coke in the house (I am so trying to get off Diet Coke)

Christmas Music and lots of it.

The KNOWLEDGE that cold weather is coming soon!

The GRACE of GOD and that covers a multitude of things....

and the list could go on and on.......but that's a head over to Ambers and join in the fun!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I just posted lots of pictures on the Christmas blog. Hope you will stop by and leave a comment. That enters you in the ORNAMENT DRAWING on OCTOBER 1st! That's all you have to do is leave a comment.
Yesterday, Grayson made a visit to our house,
so here are a few new pictures of our little man. Last night Jack and Parker spent the night, but after a day of wreath making, I was too tired to even get the camera out....

Grayson 3 months old.....and getting quite a little personality

Now hop over to "A Baby Changes Everything" and leave a comment and you might just win a HUGE box of ORNAMENTS.