Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the Celebration Continues

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And the Birthday Celebration continues...And the Magic continues..As we ended our day at the Magic Kingdom we stopped at the watch store on Main Street and Amanda bought Micah a special Disney watch...something he had looked for during our October trip but never found the right one. Amanda found it this time and he loves it. Mission accomplished. Later Parker and I found a new one for Pop...since he always wears Mickey on his arm...an old tradition from our Disney trips.
I promise this Disney post is going to end....it is like the trip...I never want it to end...truth be known, I could live at Disney World with my family and all would be right with the world. I know that is a fantasy..but it is one I love.

Out next day starts with Parker and Amanda heading out earlier than us to Hollywood Studios to ride the really fun rides. We all met at noon to have lunch at one of our favorite places, Mama Melrose's, where they treated Parker like royalty. We love their pizza's and we never visit this park without eating here....for all of you with upcoming Disney trips. The resort had let them know that Parker was the birthday boy, so they brought him a chef hat signed by all the cooks and then to top that off, a fabulous MAKE your own SUNDAE. Jack was not quite sure why he did not get one....Then we watched the Block Party Bash, one of the cutest parades in Disney. We finished the "hot" afternoon with a few rides and lots of shopping...then a little shopping in Downtown Disney...and then back to the hotel to eat and swim. It was a beautiful night to sit on the balcony and look at the animals. I cannot say enough good things about Animal Kingdom Lodge. We have stayed at many of the resorts inside Disney. This one by far was our best
experience. Even our Mousekeeper was the best we had ever had.

Our next day began with a swim and then off to Epcot. Amanda and Parker went to the thrill rides and we
walked around keeping little Jack happy and cool. We ate some fabulous pastries at a little French bakery....shopped and shopped more...Disney gift shops are magnets. Epcot is just beautiful. The flowers are amazing. This park also is the home of my MOST favorite Disney ride...SOARIN...I could ride it 20 times in a day....Because of Parker's celebrity birthday status, we were given priority seating for the Illuminations fireworks show that night...so there was no hurry to find just the right place to sit and wait for hours....we walked in ten minutes before it began
and were escorted to a prime location to sit and watch this fabulous show...Truly amazing what Disney can produce. We had dinner at San Angel Inn and then walked through all the countries....after the fireworks we went back to ride Soarin one more time. I just know that one time I am going to get on and America the Beautiful is going to began to play. It is truly the most amazing ride ever...and you literally go from sea to shining sea. This is a night we were TIRED...to the bone, but a good tired.

We had left Saturday open to visit a park a second time, but decided to go to a new timeshare next to our resort and let the kids do the water park...they had a blast...and we had some great drinks. Saturday afternoon was saved for shopping in Downtown Disney (we had to ship a HUGE box of stuff home and we had even taken an empty suitcase..That's the indulgence I was talking about in the last post. We had dinner at the Ragland Road Irish Pub and it was one of our favorite
meals all week. A fun place for the entire family. Back to AKL to see if we could cram everything in our bags...No we could not...so Jack took all the leftovers to the gift shop and they shipped it all home for us.

Sunday arrived far too fast....We had some great pizza, walked around the resort and finally boarded the Magical Express for our trip to the airport. Another magical week, chalked full of sweet memories, now back to the real world. Smooth flights and connections home (Amanda might beg to differ as Jack had a MAJOR poop on the plane, at just the time the drink cart was in the aisle. It was not a pretty sight...needless to say, she just threw those clothes away on the plane. She later explained to me that it was next to impossible to change a squirming 16 month old, covered in p.....up
to his hair, in the tiny bathroom on the plane....after having stood in the aisle for 10 minutes waiting for them to MOVE the cart....It makes me laugh to think about it....This Grammy will do almost anything for the "boys" but this was out of my league. Where was Micah when we really needed him?

Hope you have enjoyed our Disney trip....I am addicted...Disney and Diet Coke seem to be my addictions. I am already planning our next trip, at least in my head...It truly is the "Happiest Place" on earth..... That magical look in children's eyes is something I never tire of seeing. That is pure MAGIC to me.
So I leave you with some random shots of our final few days at Disney. Hope you enjoy them.......

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