Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Micah....What Can I Say? I WAS WRONG!


Greg, Micah and their boys

two buddies

Amanda and Micah right before Jack was born

Micahs first attempt to teach Jack to drive.
It is very comforting to pass a driver with a
pacifier in his mouth

Jack's favorite place to be, snuggled in his Dad's lap!

one of my favorite shots..teaching Parker to fish I think they love each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Micah.....The WORLD'S GREATEST HUGGER! a great golfer, a good cook,
a laugh a minute, a guy that has had some hard times in his life, but has chosen to move on and live life to the fullest!

Micah was my sons best
friend during their (wild) college days!
He was my son's best man in his wedding. I have always loved
Micah but I did not love Micah for Amanda's husband and Parker's stepdad.
At least that was the story for many years. Micah has always been in love with Greg's little sister! He might or might not admit that, but he was.
A mother knows those things.

Micah and I have HISTORY. Some good and some not so good...but he was not the person I wanted to be the stepdad to "the greatest thing that ever happened to me!" Period! He and Amanda dated when Parker was 4 and he was in NO way ready to parent. Another period! Thankfully Amanda got that too, although there was no doubt she was in love with him. This is a place I need to pause and bow my head in thanks!

Fast forward another few years and Micah graduated from college. Still not ready to parent...he needed to get a REAL job. He needed to leave the bartending business. That was a great job for both he and Greg during college days, but it is not for a man with a family.

When Parker was 7, Amanda was in her own house, totally taking care of herself and Parker, she had a great job and was attending college.
Micah enters the picture again. No doubt they loved each other...
We had invested so many years making sure Parker was an emotionally healthy and MUCH loved little boy. We did not not need a rookie to come in and tell Amanda or us how to parent and grandparent. We had it it down. Can you feel the emotions rising?
And then it got serious! I knew Amanda was going to marry him. I can remember praying that I could keep my mouth shut (hard) and just maybe I would be wrong. Please remember this is a boy, kid, and now man that I loved...but I loved him as Greg's friend.

I wanted to be WRONG..and guess what ...I WAS........from day one of this round of the romance, things had changed. Micah began to spend lots of time with my husband. I began to see him emulating in him in little ways. He and I had long talks about how we had longed for and had prayed for Amanda's future husband and that he would fall head over heels in love with Parker.

I could cry as I type the next line..Micah is not only madly in love with my girl, but he is so in love with her boy! Then we found out they were going to have another boy...and he and I stood side by side on a cold January day and saw Jack Strother enter our world. We shared a rather historical moment. I call those HOLY moments.
He has a great job and is a very hard worker (that always gets you points in our family). I am constlantly amazed at how seriously he takes, caring for his family.
He is a hands on DAD and over and over he amazes me with his love and care of his family. He is a wonderful husband to Amanda....and he is an awesome DAD and STEPDAD...So again I want to repeat, I WAS WRONG!!!!!!
He is all that and more in what I had dreamed for in a son-in-law. I am sure glad that Amanda saw what I did not see. Micah...In case you do ever read this...This Grammy thinks you Rock!!!
We are coming to the end of my family introductions now you have the
main players....Jack and I are the Mom and Dad, Amanda and Greg are our kids, Amanda is married to Micah and they have Parker and Jack, Greg is married to Dana and they have Austin and a new little boy arriving in meet the Powells has come to an end....and you are probably glad!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


NANCY at Bacardi Mama

BUT, I said winners..I had so many sweet comments that
I did the numbers generator 2 more times and these two bloggers will also get a "Surprise"!
Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home and

Notes From One Mom at

Thank you for all the sweet comments about Parker, Jack and Austin.

Stay tuned...I have one more family member to introduce, my son-in-law!!
Micah's post will be the hardest to write, the happiest to write and a real MIRACLE in my heart!
Also, in honor of Parker's 10th birthday in May, I am going to give one large "Card Box" PLUS nine other special prizes....So, there will be 10 winners in May. Every comment you leave enters you another time...I am hoping to be posting from Disney the middle of May.